Saturday, October 13, 2018

Birthday Basket Gift Idea for Candle, Soap, and Lotion Lovers

I recently celebrated my 49th birthday.  My daughters put together the nicest birthday basket for me.  I love candles, lotions, soaps, socks, and family photographs. My girls put together a super nice gift basket that contained a BUNCH of my favorite things.

Gift baskets make great gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.  You can buy gift baskets already made up at a florist or online or you can put one together yourself like this one.  I love the idea of personally putting a gift basket together.  You can create a gift basket built around any theme imaginable.  If your mom likes movies, create a movie basket.  If your dad enjoys sports,  create a sports themed basket.  If your son or daughter enjoys reading, create a basket filled with books from his or her favorite author.  Include bookmarks and perhaps a small lamp. 

I enjoyed seeing all the things my kids personally picked out just for me.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living
They used a medium sized basket similar to these.  Then, they arranged 5 large Yankee Candles in Jars and one large WoodWick candle along with a few other items.  This is a great DIY gift basket idea for any woman for almost any occasion. In fact, here is a list of the things they placed in my basket.

Get this amazing crackling WoodWick candle here.
This is one of my favorite candles.  It crackles when it burns.  In the fall and winter months, it will be wonderful to crawl up on my couch with my favorite blanket and a good book.  It will be nice and cozy with this candle sitting close by.

They also included several Yankee Candles and other items similar to these:

Get it here!
Get it here!
Get it here!
Get it here!
Get it here!
Get it here!
Get it here!
Get them here!
They added ammo for my two pistols and a gift certificate for a family photo session with Carrie Jean Photography.

I couldn't be happier!  I loved my gift basket filled will all the goodies.  I hope this helps you with a gift basket idea for someone you love.

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