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Stories of Dogs (Read with Usborne, Level 3)

Stories of Dogs (Read with Usborne, Level 3)
Stories of Dogs Book Review

Stories of Dogs by Russell Punter is a book for confident readers.  This book is part of the Read With Usborne Reading Program.  I previously shared with you two other books in the Read with Usborne Reading Program, The Chilly Little Penguin in the Level 1 group for new readers and Elephants from the Level 2 group for developing readers.  Stories of Dogs is in the level 3 group for confident readers.  Later this week, I'll be sharing a book from the level 4 group which is intended as a step to chapter books.  Stories of Dogs is not part of the chapter book group but it does have 3 chapters so you can go ahead and introduce your young confident readers to chapters and teach them how to read a table of contents like the one shown in the photo below.

Stories of Dogs (Read with Usborne, Level 3)
Stories of Dogs, Table of Contents

Stories of Dogs

Stories of Dogs tells three different stories about three different dogs.  The first dog in the story, Sprite, is on his way to a dog show at the park.  His owner, Nick, wants to stop by the pet shop on their way to the park.  We are not told what Nick buys inside the store, but Sprite waits patiently outside licking his lips with high hopes that his owner returns with doggie chews.  While Nick is inside the store, a scruffy, smelly man steps on Sprite's paw.

Stories of Dogs (Read with Usborne, Level 3)
Stories of Dogs, Sample Page

Stories of Dogs (Read with Usborne, Level 3)
Stories of Dogs, Sample Page

At the dog show, Sprite meets other dogs including a snooty poodle named Lady Fifi Bonbon.  During the show, a judge notices the mud on Sprite's paw, reminding him of his encounter with the scruffy, smelly man.  Poor Sprite hobbles through the show with a less than desirable performance due to his sore, muddy paw.  Finally, when it is time to award the trophy to the winner, the judges discover that the trophy is missing.

Maybe Sprite will get his chance to show the judges what he can do after all.  You'll have to read the book to find out.  :)

The next story is about a dog named Titch who wants to be a top sheepdog like his dad.  His dad, Bryn, has won lots of medals but every time Titch tries to round up sheep, things go wrong.  Poor Titch is met with all kinds of troubles while trying to round up sheep.  One day, the shepherd whose name is Owen takes Bryn and Titch for a walk.  Titch tells his dad that he doesn't think he will ever be as good of a sheep dog as he is.  When a thick fog develops all around them, Titch loses sight of Bryn and Owen.  Titch hears a shout and a yelp.  Bryn and Owen are in trouble.

When the stakes are high, can Titch put his dad's sheep-herding tricks to use in order to save Bryn and Owen?  At the end of the story, Titch doesn't get an award for sheep-herding.  He gets an award for something else, something more valuable.  You'll have to read the book to find out what happens to Bryn and Owen and to find out what kind of award Titch gets.

The third story in Stories of Dogs is about a group of rescue dogs who live at a shelter owned by Mr. Tike.  Mr. Tike's dog home is all creaky but he can't afford to repair it so he must sell the dog home along with the dogs who live there.  Bob the collie and Pip the pointer hope the new owner is as nice as Mr. Tike.  One day, Mr. Wink and Mrs. Hood show up to buy the doggy home.  The dogs notice Mrs. Hood's sickly smile.  Will Mr. Wink and Mrs. Hood treat the dogs as well as Mr. Tike had treated them?  They certainly make some changes . . . changes that Mr. Tike never would have made.  The dogs need to get away.  Heidi the dachshund manages to squeeze through the cage.

Can Heidi free the other dogs?  Who are Mr. Wink and Mrs Hood?  Why did they want to buy Mr. Tike's doggy home if they don't even like dogs?

The story of Mr. Tike's home for dogs has a heart-warming ending that will make every dog-loving child want to read it over and over again.

Stories of Dogs mentions several different breeds of dogs.  Either before or after the story, take a few minutes to talk with your child about different dog breeds and the unique characteristics of each one.  There are many things you can do to teach your children about dogs and how to properly care for them.  Here are several that I found around the internet.

Learn How to Care for Dogs

Teach your children to be kind to animals and learn to make special dog treats.

Print out a dog parent checklist to help you become a better pet parent.

Learn about super foods that are good for your dog.

Find out about the best chews and toys for your Doodle mixed breed.

Here are 10 life hacks for dog owners.

Essential oils are all the craze right now.  Learn which oils are safe for your pets and which ones are harmful.

Learn how to properly bathe your dog.

Read about how to protect your dog's feet.

Here are several great tips about keeping your dog's teeth healthy.

Dogs need exercise.  Make your dog an obstacle course.  Here's how.

Dog Crafts and Activities for Kids

Make a cute little puppy face from paper plates and paints.

Doggie Hand Puppets

Sort and Classify Dogs. (This one is PERFECT to go along with Stories of Dogs)

Start a Dog Park and  Print Out a Dog BINGO Sheet . . . wait, make that a B-A-R-K-O sheet.

Dog Color Matching Activity for Preschool and Pre-K Kiddos

Play Feed the Dog.

Build a Dog Kennel (a STEM activity).

Enjoy Dog Color by Number Printables.

Make Shape Dogs and a Few Other Fun Doggie Things.

Train Up a Future Veterinarian Using These Animal Clinic Printables

More Dog Books from Usborne Books

Usborne Books are high quality educational books for children across a wide range of ages, grade levels, and reading levels. 

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Look at all the dogs out there!

Little, sad, pretty lazy, fast, dirty - there are as many different kinds of dogs as there are kinds of kids! Which one are you like? Check the mirror in the back of the book to see. Are you shaggy? Stubborn? Or just doggone happy to have a new dog book to share?

Please visit kanemiller.com for more resources (games, puzzles, activities etc.) to accompany the books. 
Visit Usborne Books and More here for more books about dogs for your child's home library.

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