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Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull (Includes a Free Printable)

As soon as I signed on with Usborne Books, my sponsor sent me a nice surprise.  Within a couple of days, Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull arrived in the mail.  We have a couple of plastic volcanic structures in our toy bin so my preschoolers were excited about reading the book.

 Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull

The book is written for beginning readers ages 6 - 8, but I read it to my preschoolers and they loved it.  They were curious about the Earth's three layers.  They were interested in how eruptions happen.  They were fascinated by the illustrations of hot lava.  The pictures kept them interested in the content even though it was written for older children.  The children learned about underwater volcanoes.  They learned that Hawaii was formed by underwater volcanoes.  Within the 32 pages of this book, kids learn about volcanologists, real volcanoes that have erupted in the United States, and the city of Pompeii.

The book includes a short glossary of vocabulary words.

Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull
Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living via Picmonkey

This is a great book which is short enough to keep the attention of preschoolers through age eight, yet long enough to include a wealth of information for young learners.  We loved it and I'm sure you and your kids will enjoy too.

Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull

 If you would like to include Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull in your child's library,  

Since my little audience is so young, I took the opportunity to create few short early learning activities to go along with the book and I'll share them with you for FREE!  I made upper case letter cards for letter recognition.  It is best to print this out on cardstock so the cards last longer.  Kids will complete a few simple patterns, count and write numbers, arrange from smallest to largest (or largest to smallest), color a volcano, and you can use two sets of vocabulary flashcards if you have a few older kids who are learning to read.

Volcanoes by Stephanie Turnbull

Download the Volcano Activity Pack here. 

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