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The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

If you've been with me for a while, you probably know that I am a big fan of Usborne Books.  Usborne books are high quality educational books.  You'll find books appropriate for babies all the way to the middle school years.  Usborne Books offers 4 reading programs (Read with Usborne, My Very First Reading, Accelerated Reading, and Lexile).  Today, I'm going to share a book from the Read with Usborne program.  The Read with Usborne program spans from level 1 to level 4.  I'm going to begin with a level 1 book titled The Chilly Little Penguin.  Later this week, I'll share a book from each of the other levels.

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

The Chilly Little Penguin 

The Chilly Little Penguin was written by Russell Punter and illustrated by Stephen Gulbis.  The Chilly Little Penguin is a level 1 book in the Read with Usborne Reading Program.  It is intended for new readers. 

Perry the penguin has a very special reason for wanting to get warm.  Can he find a way to take the chill off his frosty feathers?

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

Perry is a cute little penguin who lives with his family at the South Pole.  As you can see, the words are in large print.  The letters are clearly legible and easy to see.

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

It is always cold at the South Pole, but one day Perry finds a box.

Children will likely notice the fish in the icy waters and a ship in the background.  Perhaps it is a cargo ship.  After reading the story, you might talk about what goods might be on the ship and learn about what types of fish swim in the icy waters at the South Pole.

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

Perry sees something yummy inside the box.  Ask your child what might be inside the box.  Whatever it is, Perry is too cold to eat it so he goes to see his Grandpa to find out how he might get warm.

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

Grandpa Penguin tells Perry to try skating so he skates on a frozen lake.

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

Perry skated all morning long, but do you think he is warm enough to eat the yummy treat in the box?

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

Oh  my!  All that skating wasn't enough to warm Perry up so that he can eat whatever is inside that box!  Perry the penguin goes to see his grandma.  Grandma tells Perry how he can get warm.  Then he goes to see his sister, Pippi the Penguin.  Finally, Perry is warm enough to eat the treat inside the box.  You'll have to buy the book to find out what treat is inside the box.  No spoilers here!  :)

Your child will enjoy the story of Perry, Grandpa, Grandma, and Pippi the Penguins.  The pages are colorful and interesting.  They are vivid enough to keep your child interested but not over-stimulating.

Other topics to discuss while reading or after reading the book:

Where is the South Pole?
How cold is the water at the South Pole?
What kinds of fish swim in the icy waters?
What could the cargo ship be carrying?
Where might the ship be going?
Where might the ship have come from?
Could the box have fallen off the ship?
What do you think Grandma is is knitting?
What could sister, Pippi, be building?
What is an igloo?

After the story, there are puzzles at the back of the book.

The Chilly Little Penguin (Read with Usborne, Level 1)

In this puzzle, your young reader can try to find all six differences between the two pictures.  There are two other puzzles in the back of the book.  Your child will learn to read words to go with pictures and he or she will identify opposites.  There is an answer key at the end so your child can check his or her own answers if he or she is reading independently.

Get your copy of The Chilly Little Penguin by Russell Punter here.

The Chilly Little Penguin

If you would like to build a penguin theme around The Chilly Little Penguin, follow my Penguin Activities for Kids Pinterest Board.  The pins are not divided into grade levels but you can look around and save the activities that best fit your child's abilities and interests.

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The Chilly Little Penguin Pinterest

The Read with Usborne Reading Program offers 4 levels.  The Chilly Little Penguin is part of the level one group.

Read with Usborne Reading Program

Later this week, we will take a look at Elephants from the level 2 group, Stories of Dogs from the level 3 group, and Black Beauty from the level 4 group.  Stay tuned!

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