Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wish for Christmas Movie Review

Wish for Christmas
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Wish for Christmas

We LOVE movies.  We used to spend way more that we should at movie rental stores, but then we discovered companies that let you stream movies at home.  For a small monthly fee, they allow you to watch all the movies and television shows you want.  We have saved a lot of money.  My family spends a lot less time watching “regular” TV and we have not been to a movie rental place in ages.  Most of the time, we are streaming our favorite shows and movies.  Even more recently, we learned about PureFlix.  What if your movie streaming company offered only family focused television and films?  What if you had access to a huge library of Christian films or films with Christian themes and life lessons?  PureFlix offers exactly that.

I signed up a few days ago so I am at the very beginning of my free first month.  It only took a few minutes to sign up.  Within seconds after that, I was already enjoying my first PureFlix film, Wish for Christmas.

Teenage girls can be challenging on a good day.  The teen character in Wish for Christmas made my spine crawl from the beginning of the movie.  Talk about needing an “attitude adjustment!”  Wow, I wanted to turn that little blonde tornado over my knee and give her a good old southern “what for.”  Her parents are devout Christians who have raised her in a Godly home with clear boundaries.  As a high school senior, those boundaries cramp her style.  As a self-proclaimed “queen” of the school dance party, she takes charge of the event from planning the decor to declaring herself “queen.”

Imagine her horror when she finds out that the party date has been moved to Christmas Eve.  “Little Missy” knows her parents will not allow her to attend the dance.  The Christmas Eve service at church takes first priority.  Frustrated at the thought of missing the dance and her “mean girl” reign as queen, she wishes that her parents did not believe in God.

She wakes up from her nap and heads down stairs to find that the family nativity scene has been replaced with secular decorations.  Her parents were removing all their Christian home decor and redecorating to reflect their new worldview.  Parental boundaries disappear and so does her parents moral compass.

In the absence of their former Christian convictions, her parents break a promise which hurts the one person she truly cares about.  Watching her parents make decisions that promote their own agenda at the expense of others begins to change her heart.

Will her heart turn back to Jesus?  What about her parents?  Will the character of their Godly home be restored?

Find Wish for Christmas on PureFlix along with a huge selection of other Christmas, Christian, and family films.  I think you’ll love it!

Wish for Christmas

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