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Summer Games for Kids

Summer Games for Kids
Summer Games for Kids

Summer Games for Kids

After spending the winter indoors, children need the benefits of outdoor games. Outdoor summer games for kids provide children with exercise and opportunities to participate in social activities while developing large and small motor skills. In addition to skill building, summer games provide an opportunity for kids to cool off and just have fun whether at school on a playground or at home in a back yard with neighbors.


Take the kids outside for a game of Barnyard. Designate one child as “It.” Instruct “It” to think of three barn animals. If a large number of children choose to participate, “It” may choose a greater number of animals. Tell “It” to whisper the name of an animal to each child, rotating the animals so that several children represent the same animal. Call out “Go!” Each child must walk around while imitating the sound of the animal whispered into his ear. While imitating animal sounds, the children must discover other children who represent the same animal and herd themselves together. The first animal group to herd together wins.

Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Drench

Play “Dribble, Dribble, Drench” the same way as “Duck, Duck, Goose,” — but with water. Provide a group of children with a cup or medium-sized pitcher of water. Have the group sit in a circle and choose an “It.” “It” walks around the group while dropping one or two drops of water onto each child’s head while saying the word “Dribble.” She continues until she finally yells “Drench” as she dumps the rest of the water onto a fellow player’s head. The drenched child chases “It” around until she captures “It” or until “It” finds her way to an empty spot to sit. If the drenched child fails to capture “It,” then the drenched child becomes “It.” Otherwise, “It” remains so until captured by a drenched playmate.

Relay Races

Set an outdoor area up for relay races. Draw a starting line with paint or mark it with durable tape. Line the kids up in rows and give the first child in each row a spoon and an egg. At the signal, the first child in each row must travel to a predetermined spot while keeping the egg in the spoon. If a child drops an egg, he must return to the starting line and begin again. Once the child reaches the predetermined mark, he must turn around and go back without dropping the spoon and hand it over to the next child in his line. Each child continues until every child in his line gets a chance to participate. The first line to finish wins. The same procedure may be used with a potato, apple, orange or water balloon. The heavier or messier the item in the spoon, the more challenging the game.

Olympic Summer Games

We hope you spend lots of time outside this summer!  Learn more about the benefits of outdoor play for kids here.

Family Friendly Things to Do in Atlanta, Georgia

Family Friendly Things to Do in Atlanta, Georgia
Image Credit:  NoahHerrera - Public Domain Image via Pixabay

Things to Do in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia welcomes residents and visitors with a variety of activities for the entire family. Rich in cultural history, Atlanta offers museums, theaters, festivals, restaurants and parks to suit a variety of tastes. When planning a trip to Atlanta, consider a variety of activities for children.

Macy’s Tree Lighting
Plan to attend Macy’s Annual Tree Lighting. Family activities begin earlier in the evening, usually around 6:30 p.m. The event typically takes place Thanksgiving Weekend and includes appearances by various vocal artists and celebrities. Prepare to hear the Macy’s All-Star Holiday Choir sing a collection of Christmas carols.
The Georgia Aquarium offers enough activities to fill an entire day’s schedule. The aquarium features a shark tunnel and provides opportunities for a behind-the-scenes tour, a deep sea diver show, a 4D theater and various seasonal displays such as “The Titanic.” Check with Georgia Aquarium event planners for a full list of seasonal displays as they can vary.
Zoo Atlanta houses a large variety of animals and plants. Safely and well-maintained animal habitats offer visitors various views of the animals. Zoo Atlanta offers a variety of camps, scavenger hunts and a small amusement park for younger children. Parents can schedule birthday parties at Zoo Atlanta or sign up for various workshops.
The Children’s Museum of Atlanta offers opportunities for children to integrate learning with play. Exhibits allow children to play while learning about subjects such as water, solar and wind conservation and energy. Children learn about the concepts of farming and wildlife. Other exhibits offer children opportunities to explore and enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.
Plan to spend a day at Stone Mountain Park. Take the children on a train ride around Stone Mountain. Either hike or ride to the top of the mountain, where children can roam freely and take in a mountaintop view. Stone Mountain offers a variety of shops, small museums, animal exhibits, parks, picnic areas and a nightly laser show and fireworks.
Visit Atlanta’s World of Coke museum and learn about the history of the soft drink. The museum offers exhibits featuring a variety of media resources, including paper programs, videos and a 4D Theater. Allow children to taste various versions of the soft drink sold around the world. View a bottling line that actually produces a glass bottle of the soft drink for each World of Coke visitor.

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