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Summer Games for Kids

Summer Games for Kids
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Summer Games for Kids

After spending the winter indoors, children need the benefits of outdoor games. Outdoor summer games for kids provide children with exercise and opportunities to participate in social activities while developing large and small motor skills. In addition to skill building, summer games provide an opportunity for kids to cool off and just have fun whether at school on a playground or at home in a back yard with neighbors.


Take the kids outside for a game of Barnyard. Designate one child as “It.” Instruct “It” to think of three barn animals. If a large number of children choose to participate, “It” may choose a greater number of animals. Tell “It” to whisper the name of an animal to each child, rotating the animals so that several children represent the same animal. Call out “Go!” Each child must walk around while imitating the sound of the animal whispered into his ear. While imitating animal sounds, the children must discover other children who represent the same animal and herd themselves together. The first animal group to herd together wins.

Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Drench

Play “Dribble, Dribble, Drench” the same way as “Duck, Duck, Goose,” — but with water. Provide a group of children with a cup or medium-sized pitcher of water. Have the group sit in a circle and choose an “It.” “It” walks around the group while dropping one or two drops of water onto each child’s head while saying the word “Dribble.” She continues until she finally yells “Drench” as she dumps the rest of the water onto a fellow player’s head. The drenched child chases “It” around until she captures “It” or until “It” finds her way to an empty spot to sit. If the drenched child fails to capture “It,” then the drenched child becomes “It.” Otherwise, “It” remains so until captured by a drenched playmate.

Relay Races

Set an outdoor area up for relay races. Draw a starting line with paint or mark it with durable tape. Line the kids up in rows and give the first child in each row a spoon and an egg. At the signal, the first child in each row must travel to a predetermined spot while keeping the egg in the spoon. If a child drops an egg, he must return to the starting line and begin again. Once the child reaches the predetermined mark, he must turn around and go back without dropping the spoon and hand it over to the next child in his line. Each child continues until every child in his line gets a chance to participate. The first line to finish wins. The same procedure may be used with a potato, apple, orange or water balloon. The heavier or messier the item in the spoon, the more challenging the game.

Olympic Summer Games

Kids need a lot of play time to grow and develop age appropriately, but it's also good to keep them academically challenged so that they are prepared for the next grade level. Usborne Books offers several Learning Wrap-Up Kits that are sure to keep your child academically challenged and prepared for the next level.

First Grade Reading Center Kit

First Grade Reading Center Kit

The Learning Palette Reading Intro Pack is an ideal way for children to have fun learning important basic phonetic, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and word usage skills. 
Each 1st Grade Reading Intro Pack includes 1-Learning Palette Base and 5 curriculum packs. Each Intro Pack will include curriculum that is grade appropriate and will provide material to last the entire school year. Each pack will offer challenges and opportunities for students at all levels and has been designed to meet state and national educational standards. Packaged in a unique clear vinyl carrying case, Learning Palette Reading Intro Packs will be great for travel, summer study, and fun day to day learning.
Card sets included: Blends & Digraphs, Reading Comprehension - Level 1, Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives, Vocabulary - Level 1, and Phonics.  Check it out here.  Click below for a demonstration.

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First Grade Math Kit

A Learning Palette Math Intro Pack is the ideal way to help children enjoy and understand all aspects of important mathematical concepts. Each Intro Pack includes curriculum written at the specific grade level of your child. Did you know your child can learn and understand Algebra, Geometry, Probability, as well as Numeration problems as early as First Grade and Second Grade. With Learning Palette Math Intro Packs your child will have FUN and be CHALLENGED to learn the appropriate mathematical skills necessary in his or her grade level.

Each Intro Pack includes 1-Learning Palette Base, and 6 Curriculum Packs (3-Numeration titles, 1-Algebra Concepts, 1-Geometry and Measurement, and 1-Probability and Statistics). Each title which includes 12 curriculum cards has been written to correspond with standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Packaged in a unique clear vinyl carrying case, Learning Palette Math Intro Packs will be great for travel, summer study, and fun day to day learning.

Card sets included: Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers, Understanding 3-Digit Numbers, Money, Fractions and Simple Multiplication and Division, Algebra Concepts Level 2, Geometry and Measurement Level 2, and Probability and Statistics Level 2.  Check it out here.  Click below for a demonstration.

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