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Unplanned Movie: Just Go See It

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Unplanned . . . I'm not sure where to begin with this review so I'll just start typing.  I went to see this movie knowing it would not be two hours of entertainment.  I knew it would be a difficult movie to watch, but not because I have had an abortion.  I have not had an abortion, but I did deliver a 15 week baby.  The doctor said my baby probably died at about 13 weeks.  Either way, I was straddling the line between my first and second trimester when I delivered my sweet little baby boy.  I know first hand how well developed these babies are at the earliest stages of pregnancy.  I studied my baby carefully and I have never forgotten those images.  They are etched into my heart and mind forever.  I am compelled to tell my story and I will do that, but first I must share Abby Johnson's story with you.

Unplanned Movie

Unplanned Movie

Abby Johnson has become one of my new heroines.  She must be one of the bravest women who has ever walked this earth.  She made an enemy of Planned Parenthood and that is not to be taken lightly.  Planned Parenthood is one of the most powerful organizations in the Untied States and yet Abby Johnson is courageously exposing them for who they really are and she is not backing down.  Abby Johnson is a warrior voice for the unborn and that is who you will meet in this film.

Unplanned Movie

Abby Johnson is a woman who began her young life as an advocate for women.  Her desire to help women in need is what initially led her to Planned Parenthood where she spent 8 years.  Abby started out as a clinic volunteer but quickly rose through the ranks to become the youngest Planned Parenthood director in the organization's history.  Abby began her volunteer streak at Planned Parenthood because she believed their goal was to reduce the number of abortions, but in time she bought into the daily practice of selling as many abortions as possible to feed the greed of the organization's billion dollar appetite.

Eventually Abby was awarded the Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year award.

But then . . . she saw something that changed everything.

As a volunteer and eventually the clinic director, Abby had remained on the clerical side of the business.  She had endured two abortions of her own but she had never seen any of the ultrasounds, not even her own.  Planned Parenthood never lets the mothers see the ultrasounds because if they do, the mothers might realize that what they are about to do is to kill a baby.

One particular day, about 5 months after Abby received her Employee of the Year award, she was called into a procedure room to hold an ultrasound probe in place during an abortion procedure.  As the doctor inserted the vacuum tube, Abby turned to see the ultrasound monitor.  She saw the baby move away from the tube.  Then the baby began to frantically fight for survival.  Abby watched as the baby was torn limb by limb and then the head was finally sucked into the tube.  There was a black space left where the baby had been only seconds before.

It was that experience that changed Abby's mind and resulted in her decision to leave Planned Parenthood.  She is now one of the most outspoken pro-life advocates in the world.

Unplanned tells her story.  It is not an easy story to tell but Abby tells it because she is called to save the lives of babies.  She is called to tell the truth.  She is called to expose the lies told to woman after woman - to girl after girl.

I highly encourage you to see the movie.  Don't take your younger children, but I strongly encourage you to take your teen girls.  Take your teen boys too.   The movie is rated R so the theaters should not be letting anyone under age 17 in to see it without a parent, but I know some theaters don't really enforce that.  In my personal opinion, every male and every female 14 years and older should see this movie.  12 and 13 year olds should see it only after their parents have seen it first and then decide for themselves if it is appropriate for their 12 or 13 year old.  Parents should be prepared to have some hard discussions with their teens before and after this movie.  Abby states below in her interview with Glenn Beck that her youngest patient was age 10 and her oldest was age 52.  This movie doesn't mess around.  It doesn't sugar coat anything and neither should we.  We should treat this topic as serious as it is.

Some things you should know:

1.  You will see the vacuum abortion that Abby saw (or one like it).  It is one of the hardest things I have ever watched.  I can't unsee it and neither can you.  It is important so please don't let that stop you from seeing the movie.  You'll have time to look away if you can't handle it.

2.  There are a couple of bloody scenes.  Abby has had two abortions of her own.  One of those abortions was chemically induced.  This movie exposes the truth about how a chemically induced abortion works.  In the movie, the process takes place at Abby's home and is much more intense than she had been told.  She is in agonizing pain.  You'll see clumps and blood fall into her bathtub.  The scene ends with her lying on her bathroom floor with blood all around her.  It's pretty graphic, but again, something this film needed to include.  Abby tells in the interview below that her experience was much worse in real life.

There is another scene where a young girl nearly bleeds to death due to a perforated uterus.  By the way, Planned Parenthood never told the girl's family that she nearly died that day.  Covering up those instances is a norm at Planned Parenthood.

3.  There are a few words used in the film that parents wouldn't want their children to say (and shouldn't say themselves) but nothing shocking.

Watch the official movie trailer here.

Go see the movie!  Please take your teenage girls and boys.

Unplanned Movie

Abby's bravery is evident every time I see and listen to her speak.  She tells it like it is.  She is honest about her college life style which led to two unplanned pregnancies resulting in two abortions (before she knew the truth).  She is honest about what those abortions were like.  She is honest about the true nature of the Planned Parenthood empire.

I want to share a few other resources with you.  Glenn Beck recently hosted an interview podcast with Abby Johnson.  He didn't make it easy for her.  He asked her some hard questions.  This podcast is a little bit lengthy but I believe it is an important supplement to the Unplanned movie.  Here you will get to know more about the real Abby Johnson as she answers hard questions.  She answers them directly and truthfully.  You NEED to watch and listen to this interview.  There is SO MUCH in here that you need to know.  Much of what Abby exposes will make your stomach turn.  I thought about summarizing this interview but I think it is more important for you to watch the interview and hear those horrible things from the lips of someone who has been there.  Listen to Abby.  Please.

Here is another video showing Abby's tenacity as she testifies in favor of Kentucky's version of the Heartbeat Bill, SB 9.  In her testimony, she destroys the arguments of those in favor of abortion.

The following video has nothing to do with Abby Johnson or the Unplanned movie, but I'm including it because it is another testament to the horrific practices of the abortion industry.  The woman in this video goes undercover to schedule an appointment for a late term abortion for a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

You can read the full story here at

A Word for Abortion Workers

Abby Johnson not only works to save the lives of babies, but she also works to help abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry.  Her organization is called "And Then There Were None."  If you are in the abortion industry but you want out, please contact her organization here.

A Word for Those Who Have Had An Abortions

If you have had an abortion, you need to know that you can find healing and forgiveness.  First, I want to personally tell you that you can find forgiveness and healing in Jesus.  We all sin and we all need Jesus.  I invite you to learn more about Jesus and how to invite him into your life as your Lord here.

Secondly, Abby Johnson's organization can help you heal and find forgiveness and peace.  She has resources for you here

One of the resources available is a devotional called Planned from the Start by Lorraine Marie Varela.

Unplanned Movie

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