Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Colors for the Tabernacle (Bible Study by Beth Moore)

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Colors for the Tabernacle
Image Credit:  DWilliams - CCO Public Domain Image - via Pixabay
This week in our Beth Moore Bible study, we’ve studied about the freewill offerings and the meanings of the offerings of gold, silver, bronze, and other precious stones.  Today, we studied about the significance of the colors used in the tabernacle.  God commanded that specific colors be used in the building of the tabernacle.  Those colors were blue, purple, and scarlet.

Colors of the Tabernacle

In Biblical times, colors were significant.  The color purple signified royalty and wealth.  In the book of Judges, we learn that the kings of Midian were adorned in purple.  The rich man in Luke 16 was dressed in purple.  Only the wealthiest families could afford purple linens in Biblical times.  At the crucifixion, in a fit of mockery, they dressed Jesus in purple.

The color scarlet represented bloodshed and pain.  Scarlet represents sin.  Beth shares with us the significance of fine linens in ancient times.  Fine linens were worn by royalty and those in leadership positions.  In the tomb, Jesus was wrapped in fine linens.

In 1 Samuel, we read the story referred to as “the great exchange” between Jonathan and David. David, a shepherd boy, was dressed in what was likely old, stinky, dirty clothes.  Jonathan, a king’s son, was dressed in fine royal robes.  He gifted David with his robe.  He removed David’s dirty clothing from him and placed his royal robe on David.  Why is this story significant?  Because it represents what Christ did for us.

Wallowing in our sin nature, our spiritual robes are stained and dirty.  However, Jesus, clothed in scarlet (bloodshed, sacrifice), if we receive Him as our Savior, removes our dirty spiritual clothes, and replaces them with robes of righteousness.  We cease being dirty slaves to sin and we become sons and daughters of the King.  What a beautiful picture of salvation!

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