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Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages: Digital Download!

Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages
Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages

It seems almost unreal to me that Christmas 2022 is almost over.  By now, you've probably already taken hundreds of photos.  Now what?  These days, we don't print out our photos as often as we once did.  Not too many years ago, we couldn't see our photos until we dropped off our film with a photo developer and then waited as long as a week, sometimes longer, to see the photographs we had taken.  Now, we can see them instantly on our electronic devices so they stay there.  I hate to admit that I have over 4000 photos stored on my iPhone right now.  I used to be a scrapbook junkie.  I always kept my photos printed out and in books for my family to enjoy.  My kids always used to love flipping through them and they still do when I pull them out.  However, I don't have books for the past several years because they are all stored on my phone and my computer.  Starting now, I hope to change that.  I have already sent my Christmas Day photos for professional printing and I'm designing my own Christmas Memories scrapbook pages for them.  

I used to buy scrapbooks from local stores.  I would add my photographs to the pages.  Then, I would decorate the pages with stickers and all sorts of cute stuff.  I would cut out shapes and use scissors with crinkling edges, hole punches that left heart shaped cut outs on paper edges.  There were all sorts of scrapbooking things.  I always enjoyed the finished products, but I didn't enjoy the process as much.  It was time consuming and messy.  There were lots of scraps, glue, and a not-so-fun clean up - mostly because I'm not good with messy projects.  

Now, we have online resources for creating pretty scrapbook pages.  Creating pretty scrapbook pages using online resources is still time consuming but I enjoy both the finished products and the process because there is no mess.  

I'ver created two sets of scrapbook pages for my Christmas Memories Scrapbook. 

Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages

Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages
Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages Starter Pack

My first Christmas Memories Scrapbook Starter Packet includes enough spaces for 16 4x6 horizontal photo prints.  The pages are decorated with beautiful Christmas themed backgrounds.  My Christmas family photographs will be set in beautiful settings of Christmas evergreen trees and festive decorations.  Some of the pages are more traditional with accents of red and green.  Other pages are accented with deep blues and golds.  One particular page has a more rustic feel with a wood grain background.  There are journaling spaces on most pages.  Pages with no journaling spaces are light enough so that I can write on the pages anyway if I choose to do so. 

Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages - Additional Pages
Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages - Additional Pages

My second set of Christmas Memories Scrapbook pages are intended to compliment the starter packet but they can certainly be used independently.  I have included the Christmas Memories cover page in this packet as well as in the first in case both packets are not needed.  This second packet includes spaces for 14 4x6 horizontal photos.  This packet includes pages with Christmas themed backgrounds much like the starter packet with traditional reds and greens.  This second packet also includes Christmas themed backgrounds in more pastel and softer colors.  I particularly like the one with the coral colored packages.  The page with green trees in water color is also beautiful.  The last page is one that reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  (If you want to learn more about the reason we celebrate Christmas, Luke 2 is a good place to start.  You can learn more about how to really know Him here.)

Between both packets, there is enough space for a total of 30 4x6 horizontal photographs.  If your photographs are smaller, that's OK because the photo spaces are color coordinated with the background colors of each page.  They will serve as "frames" for your smaller photographs.  You could also use those solid colored spaces as journaling spaces or spaces to attach other memorabilia such as special bows, stickers, smaller flat ornaments or special gift tags.  

I'm sure I'll be creating more pages because I think I'll need a lot more for my own personal photographs.  I take a LOT of photos, especially since we have a new baby granddaughter this year.

I have provided links to both of my scrapbook packets above but here they are again in case you missed them.  You'll find the starter packet here.  You'll find the second packet here.

After you download the file or files to your computer, you can print them out from your own home computer.  After you have added your own Christmas photographs, I suggest placing your completed 8.5in. X 11in. pages in clear sheet protectors like these:

Clear Sheet Protectors for Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages
Get your clear sheet protectors here.

Once you have your completed scrapbook pages inside sheet protectors, you can place them into 3 ring binders like these:

3 Ring Binders for Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages
Get your 3 ring binders here.

Now you have all you need to create your Christmas Memories Scrapbook:

Your Scrapbook Pages And/Or These Pages

Your Clear Sheet Protectors

Your 3 Ring Binders

Once you have them all assembled, you'll have beautiful scrapbooks for years, even generations, of enjoyment.  

Here's a short 13 second video of my notebook, but my photos aren't in them yet.  

I hope you have enjoyed a very Merry Christmas and I wish you many Happy New Years to come. 
Closing, Living Abundantly in Him, Tina


Christmas Memories Scrapbook Pages Pin

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