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The History of the Gingerbread House Tradition (Plus Gingerbread Activities for Kids)

The History of Gingerbread House Tradition
The History of the Gingerbread House Tradition

As soon as the holiday season begins, one of the traditions that excite both children and adults alike is the making of gingerbread houses. There's something inherently joyful about crafting these sweet, fragrant structures, adorned with colorful candies and snowy icing. But have you ever wondered where this beloved holiday tradition originated from? Let's journey back in time and explore the fascinating history of the gingerbread house tradition.

The History of the Gingerbread House Tradition

The Origin of Gingerbread

The story of gingerbread houses begins with the gingerbread itself. The earliest forms of gingerbread didn't resemble the sweet treat we know today. The term 'gingerbread' was coined in the 15th century, but the recipe can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians who used it for ceremonial purposes.

In the Middle Ages, gingerbread was enriched with spices like ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The treat was often shaped into different forms such as flowers, birds, and even armor. It wasn't until much later that the gingerbread we are familiar with, a sweet, spiced baked good often shaped into people or houses, became popular.

Gingerbread Houses and The Brothers Grimm

The tradition of making gingerbread houses is often credited to the famous German storytellers, the Brothers Grimm. In their fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel," the two children discover a house in the forest made entirely of sweets, with walls of gingerbread. Published in the 19th century, the story sparked an interest in making houses from gingerbread, especially in Germany.

German immigrants then brought this charming tradition to America. Over time, the gingerbread house tradition has evolved and gained popularity around the world, becoming an integral part of the holiday season.

The Art of Gingerbread House Making

These days, making a gingerbread house is seen as an opportunity to showcase creativity and craftsmanship. Some people stick to traditional designs, while others let their imagination run wild, constructing elaborate structures and scenes.

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There are even competitions dedicated to the art of gingerbread house making, where people from different parts of the world display their remarkable designs. The largest gingerbread house on record was made in Texas in 2013, measuring an impressive 60 feet by 42 feet and using more than 7,200 eggs and 22,304 pieces of candy!


The tradition of making gingerbread houses is a fascinating blend of history, creativity, and festive celebration. From its origins in ancient ceremonial practices to its popularization by a fairy tale, the gingerbread house tradition continues to bring joy and sweetness to the holiday season.

Next time you're crafting your own gingerbread house, remember the rich history behind this beloved tradition. And whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, keep in mind that the most important part is to have fun and enjoy the process.

Gingerbread Activities For Kids

Gingerbread Activities for Kids
Gingerbread Activities for Kids

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The History of the Gingerbread House Tradition
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