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My ABC Coloring Book


My ABC Coloring Book
My ABC Coloring Book

We have a new printable in the shop!  Children will love learning their ABCs while coloring in their My ABC Coloring Book.  The cover page is pre-made for them.  Children can staple the pages together to make their book or parents can staple the pages together for them before they begin coloring the pages.  Each page of the booklet is dedicated to a specific letter.  

It is important for children to learn to identify the letters of the alphabet.  Sarah over at Stay at Home Educator says that in order to have true fluency in letter recognition, children must be able to do four things:

1.  Identify letter names in isolation.

2.  Identify letters in context of words.

3.  Identify letters accurately.

4.  Identify letters automatically.

We believe our "My ABC Coloring Book" will help your child master the skills needed to reach true fluency in letter recognition.

My ABC Coloring Book

My ABC Coloring Book Real Life Image 1
My ABC Coloring Book Cover

Children will trace the arrows within the letters to learn how to properly write their ABCs.  Then they will color animals or items with the same beginning sounds as each respective letter of the alphabet.  If your printer won't print on both sides of the paper or you choose not to print on both sides of the paper, you can have your children cut out or print out images of various items.  Then, they can paste the images on the back of the pages that match the beginning sounds of the items.  

While enjoying their My ABC Coloring Book, children will learn to identify letters of the alphabet, learn to write both upper case letters and lower case letters, and practice small motor skills as they color.  If your child chooses to cut and paste items to match beginning sounds, they will gain even more opportunities to practice small motor skills.

My ABC Coloring Book Real Life Image 2
My ABC Coloring Book Letter J

More ways to help your child learn the alphabet:

Read and play with letter blocks or magnets.

Sing alphabet songs.

Read alphabet books.

Use letter tracing books.

Label simple and easy to read items in your house using index cards.  For example, clearly write "chair" on and index card and tape it to a chair.  Label a cup, a plate, a table - you get the idea.  Ask your child to read the cards often and talk about the times.  This will help you develop a language rich environment for your child.  A child who learns to love reading will establish a skill set that will support a lifelong journey of success.

Get your copy of My ABC Coloring Book here!

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My ABC Coloring Book

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