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Late Night Date Ideas

If you have children, full-time jobs, and countless other things going on - the only date time you get might be at night. In fact, it might be late into the evening. 

While most of the time you are going to want to be bright and sparkly, ready for some deep and meaningful conversation - sometimes it is the time that is spent that is more important. 

So if you are pinched for time and looking for a great way to spend time together, here are some of the easiest and most enjoyable late-night date ideas. 

Late Night Date Ideas

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Late Night Date Ideas


If your kids are older and you no longer need a babysitter, then a late-night stroll can be relaxing. If your kids are younger, paying a babysitter for an hour or two is well worth it for the time you spend together.

Living in a safe area or somewhere where there is a beach or a promenade nearby might be just what the doctor ordered. 

Depending on where you are, you might be lucky enough to find a coffee shop and take a warm drink with you. 

Comfort Food

After feeding the kids and closing the laptop or taking work clothing off for the day, there can be nothing as wonderful as decompressing and finding pizza places open late. Ordering something that you both like - or a half and a half for a compromise and sitting with each other and relaxing. 

Is it glamorous? Perhaps not, but it does relieve the pressure of doing something out of the house and finding babysitters. 


Are you both on different schedules - one on nights and one on days? Perhaps the only time that you can find to make sure you really have is those few hours as the sun rises. One thing will always be true, and that is that the sunrise will always be stunning. 

It can be a life-affirming moment that can make everything feel ‘ok’ even if the pressure builds up. 

Perhaps the time you have together is just the mornings on the weekends, in which case a very early morning coffee and sitting in peace can be that late night/early morning date you need. 

Movie Night 

Is there a new movie coming out that your partner would love? Combine the comfort food, and rent or buy the movie on a streaming channel. If you don’t have any streaming services, then take a look at what offers you can find just for one month and then cancel the membership. 


There are many ways to be romantic and intimate and recognize when your partner is stressed and needs to relieve tension. We often carry tension in our shoulders. Warming coconut oil or using essential oils can help you to unknot their shoulders. 

We are more likely to share our issues, and that can mean you communicate on a deeper level. 

If you are working on your relationships this year, and not just with your partner, here are some great suggestions: 6 Ways to Show Love This Year


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