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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Clumpies Icecream Shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you've been following this blog for a while, then you know how much we love Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We go there a lot.  My husband goes there for business quiet often.  It's only a few hours from our home so we go there pretty often for fun too.  On our last visit, we were told about an ice cream shop called Clumpies.  We had never been to Clumpies so we were excited to find out about a new place to visit.  The fact that they sold old fashioned ice cream was definitely a bonus.  We were not disappointed.

The ice cream shop was clean.  They offered a lot of flavors.  The decor was fun with sort of a retro air about it.

We enjoyed the wall murals.  The colors were light, fun, and very appealing.  The dining room was a place that made you feel like you just want to hang out in there for awhile.

They sell merchandise in the store so if you visit Clumpies and you love it, you might want to buy a Clumpies mug or hat.  We loved the mixed feel of both modern and retro in the shop.

Now to the best part . . . the ice cream!

When we waled into Clumpies Ice Cream Shop, I knew the ice cream just had to be good.  I was correct.  The ice cream was so delicious.  I chose the black walnut flavor.  It tasted pretty close to home made.  The flavor, coupled with the retro environment, reminded me of my childhood.  When I was growing up, we couldn't afford to eat out all the time or just go for ice cream any time we wanted it.  Those treats were only for special occasions.  Most of the ice cream we enjoyed was made from one of those old hand crank ice cream machines.  We used to take turns rotating the handle.  It was quiet the workout but always worth it.  Those were good days.  Clumpies Ice Cream Shop reminded me of those good days.  

Now I get to look forward to making new memories with my family at one of our new favorite places in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Clumpies Ice Cream Shop has 4 locations in Chattanooga.  Visit their website here to find the one closest to you.


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