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Little Girls Bible Boardbooks from Ottenheimer Publishers (Book Review)

Little Girls Bible Boardbooks
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Little Girl's Bible Boardbooks

When my children were little, I loved reading Bible stories to them and they loved listening to the stories. I always reminded them to be careful to not tear the pages when reading by themselves.  Bible story board-books are great for toddlers. Toddlers can enjoy the books without much adult supervision because the books are made for little toddler hands.  Toddlers are just learning to properly handle and care for books.

The Little Girls Bible Board-Books can be wiped clean of drool, peanut butter and jelly, sticky lollipop messes, and any kind of spill; however, they can only withstand a minimal amount of teething. 🤣  

Our particular set of Little Girls Bible Board-Books include the following stories:

The Story of The Garden of Eden
The Story of Moses
The Story of Noah
The Story of Isaac

Some sets of Bible Board-Books may contain different Bible stories, but they will all contain Biblically sound stories from which your children will learn sound Biblical principles. This set of stories (the set we have) was designed so that little girls can read Bible stories from the point of view of the women in the stories. Have a boy in the family? The stories are great for him too! He will enjoy the stories as he reads along with his sister or sisters.

The illustrations are adorable and the language is simple enough for little Bible scholars to understand. The stories are brief, only about ten pages long.

The Little Girls Bible Story Board-Books were first published in 1999 by Ottenheimer Publishers, Inc.

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Little Girls Bible Boardbooks from Ottenheimer Publishers (Book Review)
Little Girls Bible Boardbooks

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