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Friday, October 18, 2013

A is for Adam: The Gospel from Genesis by Ken and Mally Ham

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Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)

A is for Adam: The Gospel from Genesis by Ken and Mally Ham 

We have read lots of books that teach letters and phonics.  They teach that A is for apple, B is for bat, C is for cat, and so forth. A is for Adam by Ken and Mally Ham is a great spin off of this old idea.

A is for Adam is illustrated by Dan Lietha.  It was pub;ished in 1995 by Creation-Life Publishers, Inc.

Ken Ham is well known for his teachings on creationism. His book, A is for Adam, is a rhyming book that teaches children letters and rhyming while instilling into them a love for reading. While doing so, it also teaches them about God’s creation and how He created it.

The first page reads:

A is for Adam; God made him from dust. He wasn’t a monkey, he looked just like us. Although some scientists don’t think it was so, it was God who was there, and he ought to know.

The opposite page shows a man talking to a monkey. The man, Adam, says to the monkey, “I can think, compose music, build bridges, fly airplanes, and make computers!!!! What can you do?”
The book continues, B is for Bible, C is for creatures . . . F is for fruit . . . L is for Lord . . . P is for plan . . . and so forth.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)
A Genesis Commentary

The next part of the book is a Genesis Commentary for Parents and Children. This section takes each letter section of the rhyming book and adds a commentary with suggestions for student exercises. This section helps parents and children, or in some cases teachers and students, better understand the concepts behind the letter words. The commentary provides supporting scriptures with expert explanations.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)
 A Coloring Book

The third and last section of the book is a black and white version of the first rhyming book section. Each page can be reproduced so that children can color the pages. As a parent or teacher reads the rhyming book and provides a lesson with each letter, children can color each page. Then, the parent or teacher can staple the pages together so that each child can have his own copy of the A is for Adam book.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)

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