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8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church

8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church
8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church

8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church

Keeping teenagers engaged in the church can be challenging in today’s darkened culture. Fostering a solid spiritual foundation is essential as they navigate a critical phase of their lives. Here are ten effective strategies to help keep your teens involved in church and nurture their faith, whether you’re a parent or a church leader.

Create a Welcoming Youth Group

A welcoming youth group is crucial for teenagers. For instance, at our church, we ensure our youth group is a space where teens feel welcome and included with opportunities to engage in discussion. Activities like game nights and service projects that resonate with their interests can make church participation more appealing.

Bible Trivia - 8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church
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Encourage Peer Connections

Friendships play a significant role in a teenager’s life. Encourage your teens to build connections with their peers within the church. Organize social events, retreats, and small group gatherings where they can bond and build meaningful relationships. Youth leaders within the church usually organize these events, but parents can step up and organize them as well.

Involve Them in Church Activities

Teenagers are more likely to stay engaged if they participate in church activities. Please encourage them to join the choir, play musical instruments, help with technology during services, or volunteer for community outreach programs. Feeling a sense of responsibility and ownership can keep them motivated.

Foster Family Participation

Your involvement as a family in church activities can significantly impact your teen’s engagement. Attend services together, participate in family-oriented events, and discuss sermons and biblical teachings at home. Your supportive family environment reinforces the importance of the church in your teen’s life and empowers you as parents in his or her faith journey.

Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans
Kingdom Family Devotional by Tony Evans

Provide Mentorship Opportunities

Mentorship can be incredibly beneficial for teenagers. Pair your teen with a trusted adult mentor from the church who can offer guidance, support, and encouragement. Mentorship programs help teens navigate their spiritual journey with someone they can admire.

Encourage Mission Trips and Service Projects

Mission trips and service projects offer teens a transformative experience, allowing them to see the impact of their faith in action. Whether a local community service project or an international mission trip, these experiences can be life-changing and deepen their commitment to the church, inspiring them to continue their faith journey.

Celebrate Their Achievements

Recognize and celebrate your teens’ achievements and milestones within the church community. Whether they’ve memorized a verse, participated in a play, or completed a mission project, acknowledging their efforts boosts their confidence and reinforces their sense of belonging.

Encourage Growth of Personal Faith

Support your teens’ personal growth of their faith. Encourage them to ask questions, read the Bible, and participate in church discussions. Providing resources such as a Bible, youth devotionals, Christian books, and access to online sermons can help them grow in their faith journey.

Involving your teen in church requires community, engagement, and personal connection. Creating a supportive and dynamic church environment can help your teen develop a lasting and meaningful relationship with their faith, but it all starts in the home. It’s important to make church a priority for the whole family. Parents who make church a priority usually raise adults who make church a priority. Remember, the goal is to make church not just a place to go but a vital part of their lives.


8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church
8 Ways to Keep Your Teens Involved in Church

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