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Cute Easter Desserts and Treats

Cute Easter Desserts and Treats
Cute Easter Desserts and Treats

There aren't many things more beautiful than a family Easter table filled with homemade recipes and cute Easter desserts and treats.  Easter lunches and dinners bring back so many memories from my childhood.  After church, we would head to my grandmother's home where the table would be filled with home cooked foods and so many desserts and treats.  The kitchen table, living room, and den was packed with aunts, uncles, and cousins all enjoying special recipes while laughing at various stories told every year but always just as funny as the first time we heard them.  I can still hear the laughter.  There was always lots of laughter.  I miss those days.  My grandparents are all in Heaven now and I don't see my cousins, aunts, and uncles as often as I would like, but we can carry on some of our childhood traditions in our own homes as our own adult children and grandchildren gather around our own tables.  If you're wondering what to desserts and treats to prepare for your Easter table this year, I've compiled a list to get us started.

Cute Easter Desserts and Treats

I've seen different variations of dirt cakes in the past.  I've even made a few with flower pots for bowls and gummy worms for the "dirt" mix.  For your Easter table, try this Easter Dirt Cup variation of this cute yummy treat.  Instead of gummy worms, use little candy eggs and bunny Peeps. 

These Pretzel Bunnies are the perfect sweet and salty treat.  They are made with pretzels and chocolate melts.  Get the full recipe and see how to make a few other animal treats over at The Monday Box.

Are you a cheese cake lover?  These mini cheesecakes are adorable.  The crust is a cookie, but the best part is that there is no baking required!  

How about a bunny on a stick?  Pretzel Rods are cute, colorful, and another sweet and salty treat with salty pretzels and sweet marshmallow bunnies.

Remember those sugar wafer cookies?  Grab those, yellow candy melts, and candy eyeballs to make adorable little Easter chicks.  Get a full list of ingredients and instructions over at Persnickety Plates.

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Easter Candy Macadamia Bark not only tastes great, but it looks pretty too.  Break it up and serve it on a pretty plate or platter.  It will add colorful pastels to your table.  You'll find the recipe at Thrifty Jinxy.

These Easter Oreos are just the cutest things!  Little bunny faces and little chick faces are adorable.  Toss in a few Robin Eggs for the win.  Get all the info at Fantabulosity.

Oh how I love Carrot Cake.  These Easy Carrot Cake Truffles look so good.  I could probably eat the whole batch all by myself.  Find out how to make them at Semi Homemade Recipes.

Do you have little bird lovers in your life.  They'll love making Easter Bird's Nests Cookies - with your help, of course.  Take them over to Princess Pinky Girl so they can read all about them.  Then, enjoy family fun time in the kitchen while you make them.

Break out your Slow Cooker to make a pretty batch of Easter Crock Pot Candy.  You'll find the full recipe at Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

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Turn large marshmallows into cute marshmallow chicks.  They are absolutely adorable!  Take a look at them over at Party Pinching.

Here's a spin on Rice Krispy Treats.  Shape them like carrots instead.  Get the details at My Heavenly Recipes.

You have to check out these Nutter Butter Easter Chicks.  They are so cute.  Get the instructions and a complete list of ingredients over at A Grande Life.

Here's one for coconut lovers like me.  Head over to Lord Byron's Kitchen and tell me how cute are these Easter Bunny Coconut Tails?  I'll bet they taste amazing too.  

We've already mentioned Easter Dirt Cups at the beginning of this post, but here is a different spin on this delicious and cute desert.  This Easy Easter Dirt Cake is made with chocolate pudding.  It's served in a baking dish with "grass" on top.  Over at Mom Secrets, it's adorable with the pastel hearts on top of the "grass," but I think another cute idea would be to "plant" these chocolate carrots in the "dirt."

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Cute Easter Desserts and Treats
Cute Easter Desserts and Treats

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