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Fall Count and Color Activity Packet for Kids

Fall Count and Color Booklet Activity Packet for Kids
Fall Count and Color Activity Packet for Kids
I started teaching my kids to count very early.  You don't have to have a counting book or special manipulatives to teach kids to count.  You can begin when they are babies by counting things around your house like buttons on a shirt or coasters on a table.  Any book can become a counting book when you count the number of flowers on a page or insects on a log.  It doesn't matter what you count.  It just matters that you do it with your child.  My granddaughter is only 10 months old, but whenever we are reading her board-books, I take her tiny little finger and we count whatever is on the pages.  I make it fun for her.  She doesn't understand counting yet.  Right now, she just cares that I'm doing something with her, but someday soon, she'll realize that number words have meanings.  What she might not realize at first is that she has already started learning math skills.  I think most of us would agree that counting with young children is important.  What some of you might not realize is that coloring is more than just fun.  Coloring is a learning experience in itself.  Our new fall count and color activity packet will give your child the opportunity to practice both skills.

Fall Counting and Coloring Activity Packet

We have already established the importance of counting with our kids.  Let's take a minute to talk about the importance of coloring.  The Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library emphasizes that "crayons and coloring are valuable learning tools for young children."  They outline the following 4 benefits of providing lots of opportunities for your kids to color.
1.  Manipulating crayons improves a child's dexterity and fine motor skills.
2.  Coloring improves hand-eye coordination.
3.  Kids learn about force with crayons.  A mark can be very light or dark depending on the amount of pressure they use when they draw.
4.  Coloring can inspire creativity and improve self-confidence.
(Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library)
There are other activities kids can do with crayons.  They can sort out a big box of crayons by color.  Kids can arrange crayons in order from shortest to tallest.  They can sort crayons into categories such as thin crayons and fat crayons.  Children can mix crayon colors together to create other colors.  You get the idea.

Our Fall Count and Color Activity Packet offers children the opportunity to practice number recognition, count objects in a row, and color the respective number of objects.  Kids will count and color three fall themes on three pages.  One page represents fall items.  One page represents fall clothing, and the third page represents Thanksgiving items.  Your child can make a fall count and color booklet if he wants by stapling all the pages together.  Your PDF file will include our terms of use, a cover page, and three count and color pages.  

Fall Count and Color Activity Packet for Kids
Fall Count and Color Activity Packet

Living Life Abundantly

I want to show you more of what we've been working on over the past several months, but first, I want to share some inspirational content from our little circle on the web so that we will learn more about living life abundantly in the Lord.

Is Christ on Your Agenda?  Bible Love Notes is one of my favorite blogs.  Gail always writes content that is Biblically sound.  Her theology, in my opinion, is spot on.  She writes truth even when she knows her content might not be popular even amongst Christians.  In her post, Is Christ on Your Agenda, Gail refers us to the story of Mary and Martha.  Martha was busy in the kitchen while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus.  I tend to be a Martha.  I want so desperately to sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary, but I don't know how to sit still.  I'm a mover.  I busy myself into a frenzy.  In her post, Gail gives us three ways we can, in her words, "plop down next to Mary at Jesus' feet."  Visit Bible Love Notes here to check out those three ways.

Jennifer over at A Divine Encounter has been writing a series on prayer.  Her latest post focuses on praying for friends who are sick.  
"I'm convinced that the very best thing you and I can do for our friends who are sick is to commit them to the One who knows all things, and to remind ourselves of His complete and utter goodness toward them." - Jennifer Clark at A Divine Encounter
Jennifer offers us Top 10 Powerful and Encouraging Get Well Prayers for a Friend.  Head over to A Divine Encounter now to start praying those 10 prayers for a sick friend.

Now on to some of the things we've been working on throughout the year.

One of things I'm most excited about is my novel!  The processes between writing and publishing have been more tedious than I expected, but it will be worth it all when it is released soon.  Stay tuned.  It's almost ready!

A few months ago, I added my husband as a creator in my Etsy shop.  He creates beautiful wooden home decor pieces.  Right now, we have several of his wooden Christmas tree ornaments in the shop.  He has created a few sets of beautiful slate coasters.  They come with wooden holders, also created by Steve.  He just added a few more laser machines to his shop.  He will be adding more decor pieces soon.  Here are a few of the Christmas tree ornaments he has created. 

Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments
These are a few of Steve's Christmas ornaments.  See the full collection here.

Steve and I spent some time traveling this past summer.  We spent some time in Germany which as amazing!  It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I can't wait to share some of those experiences with you.  My mother, my daughter, my daughter-in-law, and I spent a week at the beach.  It was our 3rd annual girls' beach trip, but this year was particularly special because my baby granddaughter joined us for her first girls' beach trip experience.  She LOVED the water.  I look forward to many, many more girls' trips to come.   

Now that our traveling and busyness has settled down a bit, I plan to return to the blog on a regular basis.  I'm looking forward to sharing more about what I learn in various Bible studies and I hope to add more devotional content here on the blog.  I enjoy creating educational printables and little flip-books for kids so I'll be working on more of those.  In fact, somewhere in the busyness of the first 9 months of 2023, I managed to create several educational printable activities, so while you are checking out my Fall Count and Color Activity Packet, you might be interested in the following printables as well.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy a beautiful fall weekend as we move into October.  

Living Abundantly in Him,

Farm Animals Matching Game
Farm Animals Matching Game

My ABC Coloring Book
My ABC Coloring Book

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Fall Count and Color Activity Packet for Kids
Fall Count and Color Activity Packet for Kids

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