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Camping Essentials That Often Get Forgotten

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Camping Essentials That Often Get Forgotten

Got a camping trip planned? Before you set off, it’s important to make sure that you’ve packed all the right essentials. Some items are obvious (such as your tent. Don’t forget your tent!). Other items are less obvious, but could still have a big impact on the comfort (and safety) of your trip. Below are some of these commonly forgotten items.

Trash Bags

If you’re staying on a campsite, there are likely to be bins to dump your trash. However, these may not be located immediately near to your pitch, so you’ll likely want to bring a bag for storing your trash so you’re not constantly having to make trips back and forth. Bags for storing dirty laundry could also be useful.

Wet Wipes

When it comes to keeping you and your tent clean, wet wipes can be useful to have at the ready. Alternatively, consider bringing some paper towels with you. Wet wipes are particularly necessary if you have young kids.

Toilet Paper

Most campsite bathrooms should be stocked up with toilet paper. However, for those unfortunate instances where this isn’t the case (or if you’re wild camping and haven’t got access to bathrooms) it’s worth packing some toilet paper to bring.


Campsites can get very muddy if it’s recently been raining. This is particularly the case with busy campsites that have a lot of footfall (such as festival campsites). At the very least, consider packing some hiking boots. Don’t be tempted to pack only sandals just because it’s the heat of summer.


If you’re bringing any camping gadgets that run off batteries, be sure to bring some spare batteries in case these items run out of power. Flashlights are a typical example of a gadget that requires batteries. While you can use your phone to provide a flashlight, a purpose-built camping light such as these ones found at is likely to be more powerful and more beneficial if you’re somewhere remote.

Camping Stove Fuel

Bringing a camping stove could give you the option to cook your own food. However, you won’t be able to cook much if you don’t have camping stove fuel. Different camping stoves typically run off different forms of fuel - usually propane or butane. Make sure you buy the right one. There are old skool camping stoves that you can buy to place directly on a campsite - if you plan to bring one of these make sure you’ve got firewood, matches (or a lighter) and firelighters.

Duct Tape

A roll of duct help could help if you need to make any emergency fixes while camping. Tent got a hole in it? Tent pole broken? With a bit of duct tape you can quickly fix the problem. Check out this post on camping duct tape hacks at REI.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something you should always bring while travelling, but could be particularly useful when camping somewhere remote if you don’t have immediate access to a medic. You can buy first aid kits that have all the essentials in such as bandages, gauzes and antiseptic liquid. With any luck, you’ll never have to use it, however it’s worth having just in case.


Camping Essentials That Often Get Forgotten
Camping Essentials That Often Get Forgotten

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