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Activities to Teach the Christmas Story to Kids

Activities to Teach the Christmas Story to Kids
Activities to Teach the Christmas Story to Kids

It's important to teach our children Biblical truths as early as possible.  This time of year, it's important to teach our children the Christmas story, the story of Jesus' birth.  Of course the first thing we should do is read them the story straight from the Bible.  We find this story in Luke 2.  The Bible should always be our only source of truth.  The earlier we teach our children the inerrancy of Scripture, the better.  Biblical inerrancy is the belief that the Bible is without error or fault.  There is nothing written in the original text that is contrary to fact.  Jesus' birth is a historical fact.  Older children are capable of more in depth Biblical studies.  Fun activities in addition to Scripture reading can help younger children grasp the meaning of the Scriptures while helping them to remember the truths they learn.  Here is a list of activities to teach the Christmas Story to Kids.

Activities to Teach the Christmas Story to Kids

Christmas Story Stick Puppets Free Printable from Catalina at Daydream Into Reality

Teach Your Children the Christmas Story with A Star From Afar from April at Beautiful in His Time

Jesus is Born - Printable Christmas Emergent Reader from Alex at Kindergarten Connection 

Christmas Story Snack Mix from Sammie at Down Redbud Drive

Metal Nativity Scene Wall Art

The Nativity Object Lesson from Future Flying Saucers

The Most Meaningful Christmas Activity from The Resourceful Teacher Blog

Who Were the Three Kings?  Story of the Wise Men for Children from Proverbial Homemaker

Nativity Matching Game for Toddlers from Simple Fun for Kids

Christian Wall Art for Kids, Boys, Girls Bedroom

The First Christmas Gift - The Bible App for Kids

Mini Nativity Book from Teach Me Mommy

Nativity Craft Pack from 10 Minutes of Quality Time

Teaching Kids the Meaning of Christmas Plus Free Printable! from Halfway Homesteaders

Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Playset
This Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Playset is available here.

12 Bible Verses to Teach Kids About Christmas from Motherhood on a Dime

How to Explain Jesus' Birth to Your Kids from The Purposeful Mom


Activities to Teach the Christmas Story to Kids

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  1. So true, what great activities. Thank you for sharing this blessed message.


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