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Zoe's Hiding Place by David Powlison

Zoe's Hiding Place by David Powlison
Zoe's Hiding Place by David Powlison

Zoe's Hiding Place by David Powlison

Tucked underneath her purple patchwork quilt, Zoe feels safe.  There she is in a place where she has no worries.  Zoe is safe and cozy under her patchwork quilt, Zoe's hiding place.  When Zoe jumps out of bed and is no longer under her quilt, she doesn't always feel quiet so safe.

Bible Verse - Psalm 46:1 - God is our refuge and strength.

 The story opens up with a Bible verse:

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. - Psalm 46:1

On this particular day, Zoe learns that her class has been invited back to the Mulberry Meadow Art Museum.  The last time her class visited the museum, Zoe had a bad experience so she's is not excited about the upcoming field trip.  In fact, Zoe is afraid to go again.  On her way home that afternoon, Zoe's mind was filled with fear and worry.  As soon as Zoe returned home, she went immediately to her room to get into her hiding place underneath her cozy patchwork quilt.  


Zoe's Hiding Place, Fear and Worry
Zoe's mind was filled with fear and worry.

Zoe's mom explains to Zoe that worry wants her to believe that she is all alone and that God isn't with her to protect her.  Zoe's mom explains to Zoe that Jesus is always with her.  Jesus cares for her.  Zoe's mom shares a verse from the Great Book with Zoe that says God is your refuge, a safe place from trouble and fear.  Zoe decides that God reminds her of her cozy purple patchwork quilt.  Zoe's mom share another verse from the Great Book and then tells Zoe to turn each fear into a prayer. 

The next morning, Zoe's dad gives her a handwritten note that says, "The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious."  He tells Zoe to pull out the note and read it when she feels afraid.

Zoe's Hiding Place
Zoe learns that God will keep her safe.

Zoe's second experience at the Mulberry Art Museum is not exactly uneventful, but this time around, Zoe's parents have shared truth with her to help her navigate troublesome experiences that can result in fear and anxiety.  

At the end of the story, there is a section for parents.  In this section of the book, parents are given 10 points for helping children with anxiety.  Each point gives good advice for parents and children.  

Helping Your Child with Anxiety
Helping Your Child with Anxiety

At the very end of Zoe's Hiding Place, you'll find pocket Bible verses.  These pages can be cut out of the book so that your child can carry the pocket Bible verses with him or her whereever he or she goes.  Your child can carry the cards in a jacket pocket, pants pocket, or purse so that he or she can pull out the Bible verse cards to read them when he or she feel afraid or anxious.

Pocket Bible Verses
Pocket Bible Verses

Now, let me tell you a few things about the illustrations.  This book is illustrated by Joe Hox.  The illustrations are so cute!  The pages are colorful, very appealing to the eye.  Your child might enjoy finding everyday objects that decorate Zoe's house. For example, I noticed a cola bottle cap and tabs were used to make a night stand.  Zoe's bed frame is made from pencils and a comb.  There is a postage stamp on the wall for wall decor.  Buttons and game pieces adorn the kitchen while the table is made from a jar lid and wooden clothes pins. 

Zoe's Hiding Place is a well illustrated good Scripture based story for helping children deal with fear and anxiety.  I think it will help adults too.

Zoe's Hiding Place is written by David Powlison.  It is part of the Good News for Little Hearts Series.

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Zoe's Hiding Place

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