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10 Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids - Roundup 2021

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids
Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids
Valentine's Day is almost here again.  This is the week kids love making all sorts of fun Valentine's Day crafts and doing fun activities.  They can't get enough red and pink paper, dough, paints, and heart shaped fun.  There isn't a lot of time left to prepare but if you work fast, you can round up enough materials for your kids to create all sorts of fun crafts and play fun Valentine's Day games.  I hope this Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities For Kids Roundup will help you find the perfect activities for your kids.  Go ahead.  Make those memories!

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids - Roundup 2021

1.  Go see Brittany at Paper Trail Design to download FREE printable I Spy Valentine sheets.  These printables are great for multiple grade levels.  They are great for home or classroom use.

2.  Head over to Little Bins for Little Hands to choose a Valentine's Day science experiment for your child to do at home.  Your child can learn to make slime,  a homemade lava lamp, dissolve candy, make bubbles, make foam, make heart shape crystals, and more.  They'll learn a little bit about physics and chemistry while they play.

3.  Go see Tam at Active Littles.  Your kids will love this one and so will adults.  Use dry erase markers to create floating hearts.  Look around and find other water experiments to try while you're there.  

4.  Hop over to Pint Sized Treasures and get a fun Valentine's Day scavenger hunt printable.  Choose from two or print them both.  

5.  Now this one is a super cool STEM activity.  Over at Productive Pete, Holly shows us the STEM activity she chose for her child's party.  If you have ever played with Lincoln Logs or anything similar, then you will enjoy this one.  Use craft sticks and candy hearts to build and build and build.  Fun!

Valentine's Day Bingo for Kids
This Valentine's Day Bingo Game for kids is available here.

6. does more than show you how to save money.  They also show you great things for your kids to do.  Here, they show us a list of 20 Valentine's Day fine motor skills activities.  While you're there, look around and read about how to live well and shop smart.

7.  These stained glass heart sun-catchers are gorgeous!  Learn how to make them at Adventure in a Box.  I want to make these myself.  They are so pretty.

8.  Do you love to play games with your kids?  Heidi over at Happiness is Homemade gives us a list of 30+ fun Valentine games for kids of all ages.  Check them out and plan a fun filled Valentine's Game Day with your family.

9.  Do your kids love to color?  Laura at Sunny Day Family has a free printable for you to download.  Head over there now to get your Valentine Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets for Kids.

10.  Want to add some painting fun to your Valentine's Day plans?  Your preschoolers will enjoy painting on heart shapes with pom poms.  They'll paint fuzzy little circles on to heart shapes.  See how Annette's example turned out at Tips From a Typical Mom.

Well there you have it!  You now have a list of 10 quick and easy Valentine's Day activities for your kids to do in honor of Valentine's Day.  You'll have a lot more than that if you click through to some of the other activities listed on those amazing blogs.  Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your family!  

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Valentine's Day
Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids
Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

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