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Learning from Home with Usborne - 8th Grade

Yesterday, our Georgia Governor announced that all Georgia students will complete their current grade levels at home for the remainder of the school year.  That's a tough one.  As a former public school and private school educator, my heart breaks for Kindergarten families who will miss their child's first year experiences for the rest of the school year.  My heart breaks for the families of high school seniors who will miss the last few months of their entire grade school careers at school with their friends and favorite teachers.  High school sports, prom dances, and other milestone events have come to a grinding halt.  Retiring teachers will not be spending their last few months in the classrooms with their last students.  All the 2020 school years "lasts" have unknowingly already happened.  Some parents are probably feeling overwhelmed with the tasks that have been assigned to them in order to help their children finish the school strong from home.  I can offer one small glimmer of relief.  Usborne Books has added a new category called Learning from Home.  The materials they offer are not complete curricula but they do offer some pretty impressive supplemental materials that will help enrich your child's learning from home experience.  The following list of books are intended for students in the 8th grade.

Learning from Home with Usborne - 8th Grade

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice follows a white rabbit into his burrow, she enters a fantastic world of weird and wonderful characters. Lewis Carroll’s classic fantasy story is faithfully retold in this gorgeously illustrated comic book adaptation.

Series: Graphic Stories
These Graphic Legends and Graphic Classics provide a great gateway to somewhat difficult stories for reluctant readers to learn to enjoy. These stories are entertaining, and the fun, action-packed illustrations are a great way to initiate reluctant readers, in particular boys, to the pleasure of sitting down and reading a book, plunging into an imaginary universe and be taken away by a story.

Amazing Women

Amazing Women

Discover the achievements of over 100 brilliant women from around the world. Featuring scientists and politicians, artists and sports stars, the lives of these women will inspire and empower the amazing women of the future to follow their dreams.

This revised edition now includes the additions of Clara Barton, Nancy Reagan, Julia Child, Christa McAuliffe, Maria Tallchief and Condoleeza Rice. Additionally, the Find Out More section is not included in this edition.

Epic Climbs

Epic Climbs

Join the brave climbers – including Bear Grylls – who conquered some of the world’s most fearsome mountains while battling extreme weather, treacherous rocks, and other dangers found on the tallest, steepest, and most incredible peaks on the planet.

Series: Bear Grylls
Outdoor adventurer, Bear Grylls, shares fascinating facts about our remarkable planet, teaching you everything you need to know to venture through all of Earth’s many terrains and environments. 

Extreme Planet

Extreme Planet
Embark on a whirlwind tour of the globe with fearless adventurer, Bear Grylls, to explore the highest, deepest, wildest, thinnest, coolest, hottest, scariest, smelliest things on the planet. Bear will guide you through the coolest facts and the most perilous limits of our Extreme Planet!

Illustrated Dictionary of Math 

Illustrated Dictionary of Math

Everyone studying math needs this book, and it is an essential study guide when preparing for exams.
  • Over 500 definitions of all the key terms and concepts
  • More than 300 useful illustrations and diagrams
  • Over 100 worked examples
  • Comprehensive cross-referencing and detailed index
  • Internet links to recommended websites
Series: Illustrated Math Dictionaries
Fantastic homework helpers! Each includes clear explanations of key terms and concepts and hundreds of examples and illustrations. 
Survival Camp - Bear Grylls
Let Bear Grylls teach you everything you need to know to cope in all weather and terrain and even through the air, over the seas, and under the waves. The wonderful world is out there just waiting to be discovered! The perfect gift for any young adventurers in training.
This is Not Another Math Book
Discover the clever craft behind the beautiful numbers and patterns of math with these fun drawing challenges based on math tricks and rules. Kids learn incredible math facts as they complete the beautiful designs. From perfect paper polygons and topological transformation flip books, from pizza cutting puzzles and loop-de-loop number spirals, they’ll discover the art in math, and the math in art. But remember, this is NOT another math book... or is it?
Understanding Politics and Government
Understanding politics is essential to understand the world around you. Learn about all types of government, how laws are decided upon and applied to countries, find out how the election process works, and who gets to decide who rules a country! Children and adults alike will find this book interesting and approachable thanks to its "dip-in and out" style.

Series: Understanding
Understanding politics and business is essential to understand the world around you. Learn how laws are decided upon and applied to countries and the ins and outs of business with these approachable, quirky books.  

White Fang - Illustrated Originals

This special edition of Jack London’s timeless classic – complete and unabridged – is beautifully illustrated by James Madsen. Follow the adventures of White Fang, half-wolf, half-dog, as he struggles for survival in the harsh, frozen wilds of northern Canada.

Series: Illustrated Originals
Beautifully illustrated, complete, and unabridged stories in paperback version. 
The World Wars
The two world wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 cast a malevolent shadow over the entire 20th century. This book takes you through the story of both conflicts - from the soldiers' terrifying experiences in the trenches in the First War, to the huge battles and bombings of cities in the Second. Stunningly illustrated with dramatic contemporary photographs, paintings, posters and maps, this is an accessible and thought-provoking introduction to the two most devastating wars the world has ever known. 
Writing Box Set
In this box you will find everything you need to start your writing career: two books loaded with tips and prompts for writing stories, poems and essays, and a handy journal to write down your notes, observations and chapters. Includes Creative Writing Book, Write Your Own Storybook, and Writing Journal.  


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