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The Answers in Genesis Curriculum Sale

Answers in Genesis Curriculum Sale

I'm still trying to get it into my head that it is 2020.  Twenty-Twenty. TWENTY-TWENTY.  That just seems unreal to me. My grandmother and I were very close. She passed away when I was 25 but she was born in 1923. For so long, 1923 didn't seem so long ago but it was almost 100 years ago. Crazy! Anyway, in celebration of the new year, Answers in Genesis is hosting a huge curriculum sale.

 The Answers in Genesis Curriculum Sale

New Resources for a New Year! It’s 2020! Get the Truth about Biology, Sexuality, Climate Change, Origins and more! January Specials expire February 29, 2020.  

Now is a great time to resolve to teach your children Biblical truths.  In a world where false theologies are taught without regard to the truth of scripture, it is more important than ever to ground your children on a firm foundation of Scripture.  Give them the tools they need to stand firm as the world around them falls prey to Satan's lies.  Falsehoods and confusion are tools of the enemy and the enemy is after our children. 

The following resources from Answers in Genesis will help you arm your children with truth regarding cultural issues while educating them to grow into solid, confident, productive Christian adults.

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Fearfully Wonderfully Made

In this presentation, Dr. Menton explains the development of an infant from the embryo to birth. Explore the amazing sequence of fertilization, implantation, development of the placenta, and finally the birth process itself.  Fearfully & Wonderfully Made is appropriate for teens and adults.

Watch the following clip featuring Dr. David Menton.


Unplanned Movie

What happened when a Planned Parenthood clinic director, abortion advocate, and deeply pro-choice woman observed an abortion? Well, it changed her life.  This film is from the co-producers of God's Not Dead.  Parents, please be advised of mature theme content. 
Watch the Unplanned official movie trailer.


Are People Born Gay?

Are People Born Gay

We need to lovingly show that, regardless of feelings, the choice to embrace any sexual lifestyle other than God’s design for marriage is sin, and as with any sin, the only hope for deliverance is the redeeming work of God’s grace offered through his Son Jesus Christ.

 Comparative Religions Curriculum Set

World Religions and Cults

An eye-opening 36-week course with an apologetics foundation, focused on the history and basic tenets of religions from around the world!

Discover what makes the Creator God in Genesis unique and how all religions fall into one of two categories: man-made or God.

The complete set of World Religions and Cults Books. Includes Counterfeits of Christianity, Moralistic, Mythical and Mysticism Religions, and Atheistic and Humanistic Religions.
  • Examines over 40 different world religions and cults against the truth of God’s Word
  • Equips your student to identify a false religion and powerfully refute their tenets
  • Includes 24”X 40” poster with church and denominational history from Creation to present day

 Climate Change

Climate Change
What is the truth about climate change? Are the ice caps melting? Is man the chief cause of global warming? What should Christians do about climate change? These and other questions are answered in this Climate Change Pocket Guide.

God's Design for Science Curriculum Set

Science Curriculum Set

The God’s Design series is a highly regarded, complete science curriculum for grades 3 through 8. Covers life science, earth science, physical science, and chemistry & ecology. In the award-winning, full-color student curriculum the lessons are short, easy to teach, and take a hands-on approach using ordinary household items for experiments and activities. But easy does not mean lacking in substance; God’s Design textbooks and the all-new teacher supplements are comprehensive. Most important, God’s Design authors Debbie and Richard Lawrence approach science from a biblical worldview, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us and showing how real science supports biblical authority and the Genesis account of creation.

I Really, Really, Really Like Fossils


The media teaches children that fossils prove evolution. That's not true! This book of fossil facts teaches kids how fossils are made, where to find fossils, and what can be learned from fossils. All from a biblical perspective! Excellent for early grade school and other young explorers!

Buddy Davis' Cool Critters of the Ice Age

Ice Age

Here is an exciting Ice Age animal exploration led by popular adventurer Buddy Davis! Discover elk with antlers over twelve feet long, rhino-like animals that ate plants, amazing "monster birds" of North and South America, and more!

Cultural Issues:  Creation/Evolution and the Bible Curriculum Pack

Answers Book

Now you can use the popular Answers Books 1 & 2 as apologetics homeschool curriculum. The Answers Books contain answers from scientists in geology, astrophysics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and more.

God's Design for the Physical World Complete Set

Physical Science

Have fun with electricity, magnetism, and light; learn about machines and technology with hands-on activities and experiments. This fascinating series covers studies in motion, energy, and technology. Grades 3–8.

Learn a lot more about all of the above resources and many more including videos, sample pages, and documents here at Answers in Genesis.  Don't forget that this sale ends February 29, 2020.

Be sure to check out all the resources available to you.  I've only shown you 10. 

In addition to the curriculum materials available at Answers in Genesis, I highly recommend a field trip to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.  My family has visited both sites.  It is definitely a trip you should make with your family.  Florence, Kentucky is a great place to book a hotel room.  You'll be within minutes of each attraction as they are about half an hour apart.  We enjoyed our stay in Florence where we could choose between plenty of restaurants, stores, gas stations - pretty much anything we needed.  While you are there, you might as well visit Cincinnati, Ohio which is about 5 minutes from Florence, Kentucky.

I hope this Answers in Genesis Curriculum Sale guide has helped you make the decision to resolve to educate your children in the truths of Scripture while training them up to be mature, responsible adult citizens. 

Best wishes to you and your family on your 2020 learning adventures. 

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