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15 Christian Easter Activities for Kids

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Easter is a fun time for egg hunts and eating chocolate bunnies.  There is a wealth of fun things to do with kids while heading into the Easter holiday.  We always enjoyed all those things with our kids, but we always wanted them to know and appreciate the real meaning of Easter which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I've compiled a list of Christian Easter activities to help your kids focus on the God who created them, the resurrection of Jesus, and prayer.  Doing these activities before and after egg hunts and Easter bunny visits will help your kids remember the true meaning of Easter

15 Christian Easter Activities for Kids
Image Credit:  Annie Spratt - Public Domain Image via Freely Photos

 15 Christian Easter Activities for Kids

This handprint Easter prayer is an activity that will encourage your kids to pray while providing you with a keepsake for your memories box. (Free Kids Crafts)

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, the people greeted him with palm branches.  You'll find the story here in John, chapter 12.  While teaching your kids this part of the Easter story, have them make palm leaf crosses.  (Katie's Crochet Goodies and Crafts)

Get your kids to dig deeper into God's Word with an Easter Scripture Scavenger Hunt.  A Bible verse scavenger hunt will help your kids learn where verses are located and how to find them quickly for quick reference opportunities as they grow more mature in the Word.

Here is a great way to celebrate Easter using 20 plastic Easter eggs.  Julie at Happy Home Fairy has compiled 20 Christ-centered Easter activities in a FREE printable for you to download.  After you download her printable called The Joy Journey, cut them apart and place one activity in each plastic egg.  Follow her instructions here to begin your own "joy journey" during this holy season.

At Calvary, there were three crosses on the day of Jesus' crucifixion, a cross for Jesus and one each for two thieves.  While teaching your kids about Jesus and the two thieves, your kids can make Washi tape crosses.  (CHALK - Child-led, Hands-on, Active Learning for Kids)

Start teaching your kids early about the real meaning of Easter.  You'll need to begin at least 40 days early to complete the 40 Day Resurrection Adventure for 6-8 Year Olds.  Learn more about the 40 day adventure by reading Danika's review here at Thinking Kids.

Your kids will learn Bible verses while working on those small motor skills with this cute little Easter finger puzzle.  (Path Through the Narrow Gate)

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Last Christmas, my family played a "right-left" story game to celebrate the Christmas story.  Someone read the story while emphasizing the words "right" and "left" within the story.  Every time the story teller said the word "left," we passed a gift to the left.  Every time the story teller said the word "right," we passed a gift to the right.  At the end of the game, whoever was holding the gift got to keep it.  If you start the game with everyone holding a gift, which would be a good idea if you are playing the game with young kids, every player gets to keep the gift he or she is holding at the end of the story.  It was a fun game, but we discovered that too many "right" and "left" words in the story gets pretty confusing when some of the children still don't know their right from their left.  This game will provide fun memories for families at Easter too.  Here is a copy of a Right Left Easter Game for your family fun this Easter season.  (Diva Girl Parties and Stuff)

I have to admit that egg coloring was never one of my favorite things to do.  I don't mind activities that make us get a little messy, but I was never fond of the ones that made us super messy.  Coloring eggs always made us super messy.  If you and your kids don't mind a mess, coloring eggs using Cool Whip is as super fun as it is super messy.  Try this awesome method of egg coloring this year and make lots of messy fun memories with your kids.  (Crafty Morning)

One of my favorite activities as a child was coloring.  I would sit and color for hours.  I had little coloring books, regular coloring books, and even a few giant coloring books.  I doubt any of those coloring books was ever left with a page uncolored.  Hop over to Christ Centered Holidays and print out free Easter coloring pages for your kids.  You'll find coloring pages for adults too!

Tell the Easter story with Easter story stones.  I like this particular post about story stones because she has prepared a free printable to help you tell the story.  I like the idea of story stones because I am a hands-on learner and I have worked with a lot of kids who are hands-on learners.  Tell the Easter story with story stones and then let the kids retell it using the stones.  This provides them with a hands-on experience to help them remember the story. (Faithful Little Hands)

I love how tissue paper "stained glass" crafts look when they are hanging in a sunny window.  They look a lot like actual stained glass art.  These "stained glass" tissue paper crosses are great for a sun lit window during the Easter season. (Mom on Timeout)

Here at Sunday School Resources, you'll find a free PDF download containing coloring sheets, word puzzles, and other Easter activities.

Here's another freebie for you.  Tell the Easter story with The Easter Story Emergent Reader Cut and Paste Activity.  (Let's Learn Smore)

While teaching your kids about Easter, be sure to emphasize the meaning of the empty tomb.  After all, the empty tomb is the foundation for this holy holiday.  Without the resurrection, there is no Easter.  This Easter tomb craft is one way to teach kids about the resurrection.  (Equipping Godly Women)

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