Friday, February 8, 2019

Abundant Family Living Newsletter - February 8, 2019

Good Friday Evening! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  Here's the latest from Abundant Family Living.

Check out some of my latest blog posts.  Then, check out a couple of posts from the archives - from way back when my original blog started.  We have new title releases from Usborne Books that your kids will love.  I only featured two in this newsletter, but you can find all of those here.  Finally, there are some great Valentine's Day specials from my affiliates. 

The Latest on the Blog

Polar Bear Books
I know it's almost February but it is soooo cold outside.  Here in North Georgia, the weather is as unpredictable as it gets.  One day, we're breaking out our warmest winter clothes and the next day, we're pulling out our shorts and t-shirts.  I remember one year way back, we had an ice storm.  The next day, my mother and I were laying out in the sun in swimsuits while we watched the ice melt off the house.  It was late March.  (Please don't lay in the sun.  My skin cancer scar is now a daily reminder to be smarter.)

Anyway, the brutal cold reminds me of some of our Polar Bear books.  Let's take a quick look at those because I know your kids will love them.  Then, scroll on down and find several great polar bear activities to enrich the reading experience for your kids. [Read more here.]

Life Interruptions Don't Always Make Sense

Live Interruptions

Life interruptions don't always make sense.  Sometimes the things we feel God is calling us to do make no sense to us at all.  If it doesn't make sense, then I don't want to do it.  I'd much rather stay in a place that makes sense - a place where I'm comfortable.

Jonah faced a situation that made no sense.  He was being asked to leave his homeland where he had been comfortable.  He was being asked to give up everything he had always known to travel to a far away land that inhabited his enemies - a corrupt land.  He had been perfectly happy and comfortable fulfilling his God-given role right where he was.  Why would God call him to give all that up for such a corrupt people?  It made no sense. [Read more here.]

Are You in the Right Place?

Are You in the Right Place?
Christ must do something in me before He can do something through me.  I can never embrace a greater vision until I am in the right place spiritually.

I like my places of comfort.  I'm a pretty shy person so stepping out of my comfort zone is not easy for me to do.  If you're like me, it's easy to stay in one place in life too long.  It's easy to get used to a regular routine, staying just comfortable enough to be comfortable where I am.   Jesus said, "Go deeper."
When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch.” - Luke 5:4
When we resolve to "go deeper" in obedience to God - to reach out beyond our comfort zone, obedience yields amazing results. [Read more here.]

 From the Archives

Chocolate Cobbler Recipe


New Titles from Usborne Books

100 Things to Know
An eye-catching information book filled with one hundred interesting facts to learn about numbers, computers and coding.

Big Book of ABC

Take a whistle-stop tour through the alphabet from amazing aardvarks, big brown bears and crazy cats, via dancing ducks, invisible imps and naughty narwhals to yawning yaks and zooming zeppelins.

You'll find Usborne Books current customer specials here.  You can purchase 1 customer special item with every $40 you spend.

  Affiliate Specials


Surprise your little valentine with hands-on activities delivered every month from Little Passports! Save 15% from now until 8/14 with code LOVE.  

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Green Kid Crafts

Celebrate the Month of Love with 30% off Green Kid Crafts 

You can now take 30% off the first month of a Junior Discovery Box STEAM Subscription (ages 2-4) or a Discovery Box STEAM Subscription (ages 5-10+). Green Kid Crafts' award-winning Discovery Boxes pack a lot of fun and learning into convenient and affordable packages. Each monthly box contains up to 6 STEAM Science and Art Kits including a free 12-page kids magazine and bonus extension activities. Sibling add-on options are available, too! Offer expires midnight February, 18, 2019. Go here to start shopping!

Groovy Lab in a Box

What Is This Month's Theme For Groovy Lab in a Box?

Keep On Turning: Engineering Design Challenge - A Lesson in Hydropower : You live near a river where a lot of trash accumulates when it rains. Inside your Groovy Lab in a Box are the materials to design and build a river trash collecting machine. Can you collect and deposit trash into a dumpster using only your Groovy Lab in a Box materials?!

Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)

Extended learning through our exclusive online portal

For children ages 8 and up


Groovy Lab in a Box 

As always, the "Keep On Turning" box will have a groovy Lab Notebook where your kids can read about the investigations and Engineering Design Challenge. Plus, all subscribers get access to the a Box web portal for additional groovy learning and STEM fun.

Be sure to start your subscription today so you can receive your "Keep On Turning" box before it ships the end of February.


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