Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Usborne Books Winter Customer Specials

Usborne Books has released the new Customer Specials! 

You may purchase 1 Customer Special item for each $40.00 you spend.


 Information about each book.

Baby's Very First Box Set

Baby’s Very First Collection includes: Eight board books, 10 pages each, measuring 4 ¾” w X 5 1/8” h.
Little Book of Baby Farm Animals
Little Book of Baby Animals
Baby’s Very First Getting Dressed Book
Baby’s Very First 1 2 3 Book
Baby’s Very First Colors Book
Baby’s Very First Little Book of Little Babies
Baby’s Very First Animals Book
and Baby’s Very First Outdoors Book.

Packaged in a keepsake box with velcro closure, this little collection makes a great gift!

Was $49.99.  Now only $25.00 when you purchase $40 in regularly priced books.

D is for Duck 

D is for Duck: thirty-three words total but completely uncommon, this an alphabet book like no other. It’s a wonderfully funny story, filled with letters, magic and vibrant color.

Duck is a magician. Abracadabra! He can conjure up a bunny, a chicken and even the king of the jungle! But can he make a dragon disappear?

D is for Duck has huge appeal across age ranges – there is so much to discover and explore in this book, and kids will want to do it all, from talking about what happens next, to using the book as a springboard for writing their own stories.

Size8 x 10
AuthorDavid Melling

Was $12.99.  Now only $7.00 when you purchase $40 in regularly priced books.

Let's Go to Playgroup!

Let’s Go to Playgroup! Everyone will want to go once they’ve read Caryl Hart and Lauren Tobias’s charming new picture book! Lauren Tobia is brilliant at capturing young children’s expressions and these bright and friendly spreads are perfect for little ones experiencing the ranges of emotions that come with new experiences, new people, new places.

The text is simple, gentle, and rhyming, and there’s a friendly, welcoming tone that lets readers know it’s OK to be shy, it’s OK to be nervous, it’s OK to make messes, because what you’ll also make, at playgroup, is friends.

Size9 1/2 x 9

AuthorCarly Hart

Was $11.99.  Now only $6.00 when you purchase $40 in regularly priced books.

Ludwig the Space Dog

Ludwig lives in a book with his friends, and everything in their world is made of paper – including them. Ludwig loves to read about different galaxies and planets; he wants to be an explorer. Then one day, something from another dimension crashes into Ludwig's life . . . and he may finally get the chance to take off.

Put on the included 3-D glasses and watch the world of Ludwig and his friends - both close to home and far away - come alive.

Ludwig the Space Dog is a magical picture book. Even without the 3-D glasses, the illustrations are rich and layered, bursting with details. And even without the illustrations, the text is a beautiful, accessible homage to the power (both literally and figuratively) of books.

Size9 1/4 x 13
AuthorHenning Löhlein

Was $12.99.  Now only $7.00 when you purchase $40 in regularly priced books.

Usborne Phonics Collection

The Usborne Phonics Collection includes: Twelve paperback books, 24 pages each, measuring 6 3/4” w X 6 3/4” h.

Croc Gets a Shock
Bee Makes Tea
Bug In a Rug
Crow in the Sow
Goat in a Boat
Hyena Ballerina
Kangaroo at the Zoo
Llamas in Pajamas
Mole in a Hole
Raccoon On the Moon
Snail Brings the Mail
and Underpants for Ants

Packaged in a slipcase, this little collection makes a great gift! A total retail value of $29.99 for $14.99!

Was $29.99.  Now only $14.99 when you purchase $40 in regularly priced books.

Write Your Own Storybook Box Set

In this box you will find everything you need to start your writing career: two books loaded with tips and prompts for writing stories, poems and essays, and a handy journal to write down your notes, observations and chapters. Includes Creative Writing Book, Write Your Own Storybook, and Writing Journal.

Was $34.99.  Now only $17.50  when you purchase $40 in regularly priced books.

Keep in mind that you can purchase one customer special for every $40 you spend.  When you spend $40, you may purchase one customer special item.  When you spend $80, you may purchase two customer special items and so forth.

Customer specials are only available while supplies lasts so be sure to order quickly! 

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