Friday, January 18, 2019

Babies Come from Airports by Erin Dealey

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Babies Come from Airports by Erin Dealey

Babies Come From Airports

Here's a little bit about the book titled Babies Come from Airports by Erin Dealey.

Babies Come from Airports by Erin Dealey is a book about adoption.  It is written from the point of view of a little boy who is home with his dad and older brother.  His mommy has gone to pick up their newly adopted baby sister.  The story begins when the older brother tells his younger brother that babies come from airports.  He knows this because he remembers when his mommy brought his little brother home from the airport.  Dad tells him not to listen to his brother.  He explains that babies come from labor and that he should wait and ask his mother about that.  The story goes on as the little boy tells us about some of the things they do while they wait on their mother to come home.  Finally, they head to the airport to pick up Mom.  They meet Security.  He’s the man that let Mommy through the first time.  Eventually, they meet up with Mommy and their newly adopted baby sister.  It’s “Gotcha Day!”  Eventually they determine that the important thing to remember is that babies come from love.

This is one of my favorite newer books from Usborne Books and More.  Adoption is a special and personal topic in my family.  I remember when my aunt and uncle went to the airport to pick up my new little cousin.  We have loved her for almost 30 years now and we have loved our role as her “forever family.”

Babies Come from Airports makes a perfect gift book for a family who has adopted or plans to adopt a child.  The fact that it playfully introduces an aspect of adoption – bringing children from other countries via airports – makes it perfect for ANY child.  This is a great book for instilling in children the value of adoption in society today.  So many children are waiting for “forever families.”  Babies Come from Airports is a perfect tool for explaining adoption to children.

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  1. Literally makes me cry just reading this. My nephew came to my family from an airport at 4 years old. We are currently three years and counting...

    1. Awww, how sweet! 30 years ago, my aunt and uncle picked up my cousin at an airport too. Blessing to your family!


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