Thursday, October 12, 2017

Amelia Who Could Fly by Mara Dal Corso and Daniela Volpari

When I was a little girl, I remember reading about Amelia Earhart.  In 1932, she was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean flying solo.  I thought she must have been so cool.  I also remember how sad I felt when I learned that she disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean 5 years later, in 1937.  She was attempting to fly around the world.  Now, young children can read a newer story about Amelia Earhart in Amelia Who Could Fly by Mara Dal Corso and Damiela Volpari.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living
In the child-friendly story, Amelia is ten years old.  She already knows that someday she will fly.  She admires other women who have already done great things.  The story goes on to describe all the things Amelia loves to do as a child.  She loves to dig for worms and watch frogs.  She enjoys climbing rocks and all sorts of outdoor fun but she can’t stop thinking about flying.  One day, her uncle helps her build a launch pad for her wooden box airplane.  She crashes and skins her knee but it is worth it.  Later in the story, Amelia sees an airplane while visiting the state fair with her family.  She insists that someday she will fly.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living
The last two pages of Amelia Who Could Fly include pictures and facts about the real Amelia Earhart.  Children learn a little more about young Amelia and her determined spirit.

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living
 After reading the story about young Amelia Earhart, parents and teachers can teach their children more about the adventurous young woman.  You’ll find more information and photos on the official Amelia Earhart website here.

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