Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Loving Others During Difficult Times

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When all is right with the world, loving others during difficult times is not so hard.  In fact, it's pretty easy.  When things are going well, it's easy enough to call and offer a friend encouragement.  It's easy to check on a family member and maybe take someone a meal.  It's not so hard to forgive someone when life is going well and the future looks bright.

What about during the difficult times?  When things are not going so well, we might find it a little harder to forgive a hurt.  It's a little bit harder to call a friend.  I mean, how can we offer encouragement when we need it ourselves?  It's just hard sometimes.
Loving Others During Difficult Times
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Love anyway.

The times when we feel the most useless is when God can use us the most.  Let's try to use the difficult times as learning experiences.   I've been through difficult times.  Most of us have.  I remember my needs.  I remember the things others did to encourage me through my darkest days.  I use those memories as a guide to help me know what to do when others suffer.

Gini at Dayspring Cards and Gifts has written a wonderful post about loving others during difficult times.

Loving in the Tough Times

by Gini at Dayspring

It usually happens when your life seems to be moving along seamlessly - you’ve perfected your morning routine, planned adequately for afternoon activities, and this week’s dinner menu is working out fabulously. Your husband and kids are playing along and all in all, you feel like you finally have the upper hand on this crazy balancing act we call life.

Then, something happens - you suddenly lose a loved one, get laid off from work, become diagnosed with a serious illness, or experience an unwanted life-changing event - all of which brings your seamless balancing act to an abrupt halt. And, you find yourself curled up in bed, no longer caring about routines or activities and the last thing on your mind is dinnerDuring these times, it’s easy to isolate yourself by pushing your loved ones away, [Read more . . . ]

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