Friday, June 16, 2017

Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game: Teach Kids to Recognize and Match Upper and Lower Case Letters

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Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game
Image Credit – Clker-Free-Vector-Images – CCO Public Domain – Pixabay

 Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game

There are tons of ways to teach children the letters of the alphabet.  As parents and teachers, we want to start teaching our kids to recognize letters early.  We want them to recognize upper and lower case letters.  We also want them to differentiate between letters that look similar.  We want them to know that M and W are two different letters.  They need to realize that a and A are the same letter but they are used differently in the English language.   Letter recognition is obviously a foundational step in teaching children to read.  Parents and teachers will want to use as many methods as possible because children learn in different ways.  Using multiple methods to teach letters provides more exposure.  More exposure means that children are more likely to master the skill of letter recognition.  I’ve created a cute letter matching game for kids, the Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game.

To play the game, children match the lower case letter on the fish to the upper case letter on the fish bowl.  Kids can check their letter matching skills by turning the fish bowl over to check their work.  If the lower case letter fish on the back of the fish bowl matches the upper case letter on the front fish bowl, then the letters are matched correctly.

Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game
Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living
 The Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game is free for you to use in your home, in-home daycare, or classroom.  Since it’s in your child’s best interest learn in various ways, I’ve gathered a list of several other letter matching games and activities for you to consider.  After checking out lots of different ways to teach letter recognition to your kids, you’ll find a link to my free Fish Bowl Letter Matching Game at the end of this post.

Just click the link below to get your free game.  Be sure to read the terms of use when you download your copy.

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