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An Amish Harvest (Four Novellas) – Book Review

An Amish Harvest (Four Novellas) – Book Review
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An Amish Harvest 

After receiving An Amish Harvest from BookLook, I wasn’t sure I would be able to finish the book in the time allowed.  It’s a pretty big book!  It is a collection of four separate novels from four separate authors.  The novellas included in An Amish Harvest are:

Under the Harvest Moon by Beth Wiseman

Love and Buggy Rides by Amy Clipston

A Quiet Love by Kathleen Fuller

Mischief in the Autumn Air by Vannetta Chapman

Under the Harvest Moon

Realizing I needed to get started, I opened the book up to the prologue.  Sometimes it takes me a few chapters to really get into the book.  This time, I was completely captivated by the first page of the prologue from Under the Harvest Moon.  I love Amish romance books and this one did not disappoint.  Naomi, the main character, has suffered physically and emotionally in her short lifetime.  At the age of 27 and the mother of 2 young girls, she becomes a widow.  It’s harvest time and Naomi is without a husband.  She is also pregnant so her father hires his friend, Brock, to bring in the harvest.  Naomi’s father pays Brock for his work but insists that Naomi feed Brock three good meals per day.  Those meals become the foundation for relationship building between Naomi and Brock.  The relationship eventually reaches beyond the kitchen table and Brock becomes a regular part of Naomi’s family.  He’s not Amish and he is much older than Naomi but he is young at heart and Naomi is mature beyond her years.  Will Naomi fall in love again?  Is she even capable of trusting a man again after enduring an abusive relationship before her husband’s sudden death?  Would Naomi leave her community and her faith to marry and Englishman?  Could Brock give up his English ways and become Amish?

Under the Harvest Moon is a sweet story of faith over fear and love after loss.  It is a must read.

*Note:  You can read the first chapter of all Beth Wiseman’s books at

 Love and Buggy Rides

Janie is sitting at a picnic table eating her lunch alone when she witnesses an accident.  A driver slams into an Amish buggy, injuring passengers and Jonathan, the buggy driver.  Jonathan is shaken up so he can’t remember if he signaled his turn or not.  Janie saw that he did.  Still, the driver of the car insists that Jonathan didn’t signal.  Jonathan is blamed for the accident.  Not only did Janie witness the signal.  She witnessed something else.  She might be the only one who knows.  Should she obey her father and let the English handle the accident without her involvement or should she tell everyone what she knows?

Janie and Jonathan have lunch together every day after the accident.  They enjoy each other’s company but Jonathan is 10 years older than Janie.  Would Janie’s father approve?  Even so, how would the relationship work out since Jonathan plans to go back to Maryland after the Amish harvest?

A dramatic incident at the end of the story changes hearts in a huge way.  This story captured my attention from the very beginning.  You won’t want to miss those last few pages!

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A Quiet Love

Dinah’s mother pushes her to spend two weeks visiting with her aunt.  Dinah doesn’t want to go.  Would she be accepted?  Would her aunt’s family make fun of her stuttering?  She would much rather stay home with her pets.  She is just fine spending time alone enjoying poetry in her room.  When Dinah arrives at her aunt’s home, there isn’t much time for a traditional welcome.  She arrives just in time to help her aunt’s family deal with an unexpected accident.  Her only comfort is found in her aunt’s step-son, Amos.  Amos is warm, friendly, and thoughtful.  He’s different . . . special.  Dinah helps Amos around the farm during her visit.  She grows closer and closer to Amos.  Learning that Amos is likely Autistic doesn’t stop Dinah from spending time with him and learning about his special gifts.  Can a young woman who stutters and a young man with Autism find love?  Will their families approve?

A Quiet Love is a sweet story about unconditional love.

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Mischief in Autumn Air

Martha is 40 years old and a new widow.  Her husband died suddenly and Martha is left to decide what to do.  Her aunt offers to let her come live with her, but she must follow rules.  She must go to church, help around the house, and plant a garden.  Martha decides to go live with her aunt and work in an auction house.  One day, Martha notices two suspicious bidders and alerts her boss, Eli.  They are strangers and they were overbidding – way overbidding.  Martha grew more suspicious.  What are they up to?

It turns out that the pieces of furniture for which they paid too much have pieces of maps etched onto the bottoms.  There are 7 pieces in all.  Why are they so important to the buyers?  Where do the maps lead?  What do they lead to?  Will Martha and Eli’s search for answers lead them to another kind of treasure . . . love?

An Amish Harvest has pleasantly served to deepen my love for Amish stories.  As I read the stories, I felt like I was there in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – in Ohio – in Indiana – riding in buggies beside freshly harvested fields, eating Amish meals, and loving the Amish people.  If you love Christian books, romance, and mystery as much as I do, then you will want to read the four stories compiled in this book.

Oh!  There are several pages of Amish recipes in the back of the book.   :)

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An Amish Harvest (Four Novellas)
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