Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Woodcarver: Faith and Family Film

The Woodcarver: Faith and Family Film

The Woodcarver

Last night, our family ended the day with a family television movie, The Woodcarver.  The film is the sequel to WWJD.  It’s a faith based family film.

The movie addresses several areas of conflict within the typical American family. Matthew Stevenson is a teenager who rebels against his parents. His parents are on the verge of divorce and Matthew isn’t handling it well. To get attention, he vandalizes a church and destroys detailed carvings. Instead of facing criminal charges, Matthew agrees to repair the damage. He ends up working alongside the woodcarver. The two form a unique friendship which leads to renewed faith and restored relationships.

This film is an encouragement to families for several reasons. It covers several areas of potential conflict within the family unit:

Broken Relationships

Potential Divorce

Rebellious Attitude

Terminal Illness

Loss of Life







Work vs Family

Although the film deals with several critical issues, it is not an action packed drama. It is low key family drama which leaves plenty of room for family discussions after the film. You can learn more about The Woodcarver here.

Watch the movie trailer.

After reading about The Woodcarver movie and then watching the trailer, you will want to add this faith based family film to your home media library.

With all the negative media influences which constantly invade our homes and minds, I think it is important to view and discuss faith based films as often as possible. As long as films remain true to scripture and encourage viewers to live by Biblical principles, they can have a vital positive impact on lives and families. We enjoyed the movie and we hope you will too.

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