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A Christmas Wedding Tail

A Christmas Wedding Tail

A Christmas Wedding Tail

A Christmas Wedding Tail stars Jennie Garth and Brad Rowe, Tom Arnold, and Catherine Hicks. The movie was directed by Michael Feifer.

Dog Voices: Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox

The movie opens with a woman, Susan, walking her dog. Her male dog, Rusty, takes interest in a female dog, Cheri.  Cheri takes off running through the park which results in the owners meeting. Of course, the owner of the female dog is a man, Jake. Thus, boy meets girl. As the Jake walks away with his dog, he manages to secure a date with the Susan . . . surprise surprise.

Jake has 2 girls and Susan has three boys, all with interesting personalities. The two families bond including the two dogs (who think aloud). The dogs provide the viewer with a secondary story line, a dog romance.

On Thanksgiving, Jake asks the Susan to marry him and she says yes which makes the dogs happy, but the youngest son who hasn’t spoken much since his father passed away is troubled by the engagement. Jake’s girls are not too happy either . . . at first.

The happy couple chooses a date . . . yep, you guessed it . . . Christmas.

The couple dodges the usual obstacles while searching for the perfect wedding planner, wedding location, and wedding cake while the dogs practice mischief.

A movie such as this one would not be complete without the “job offer.” Susan is offered a job which will require a move across the country, leaving the Christmas wedding “hanging in the balance.”

In my opinion, this movie is way too predictable. It is the typical boy meets girl, fall in love and get married within just a few weeks, face obstacles, combine two families, will they live happily ever after or not kind of movie. I suffered through a mundane plot and I have enjoyed much better acting and background music. I felt the underlying dog story only served as a distraction.

The bottom line: I usually love Jennie Garth movies, but I did not like this one; however, my 16 year old daughter enjoyed it.
Watch the trailer.  If you want it, you can get it here.

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