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Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy by Billie Kelpin

Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy by Billie Kelpin
Image Used by Permission of the Author, Billie Kelpin
*Lucky the Left-Pawed Puppy was provided to me by Billie Kelpin in exchange for my positive review.  I was not required to write a positive review.

Left-Handed Children in a Right-Handed World

As a parent of three children and teacher of so many more, my heart breaks when I realize a child feels less important or left out because they function differently, learn differently, or struggle with age appropriate tasks that their peers master much more easily than they do.

Sometimes the solution is complex and involves specialized instruction and a support team. Sometimes the solution is simple, but just as important in the life of a child.

It is important for parents, teachers and other adults in the life of a left-handed child to realize how “left-handedness” affects a child’s ability to develop successfully in a right-handed world. It is equally important for adults in the life of a left-handed child to recognize the emotional impact on a left-handed child who is challenged to “fit in” to a right-handed world which comes naturally to most children.

Lucky the Left-Pawed Puppy

Children’s book author, Billie Kelpin, has written a wonderfully delightful book intended to help left-handed children understand that being left-handed doesn’t mean there is something wrong with them.

In Kelpin’s book, Lucky the Left-Pawed Puppy, Lucky has trouble playing with other puppies. He always turns the wrong way and always bumps into things. Then, Lucky and his brothers are chosen to star in a dog food commercial. On the scene, Lucky can’t seem to perform like his brothers. He gets himself into a bit of a mess. Just when it seems poor Lucky has no hope of starring in the commercial with his brothers, he gets a chance to prove his worth. Will Lucky’s left-handedness make matters worse or prove his worth and save the day?

Lucky the Left-Pawed Puppy is illustrated by Julie Parker. Olmon’s husband and three adult children all took part in the development of this delightful book which is bound to become a favorite to all children. The eBook is available to read on the Kindle, Nook, and Ipad. A narrated read-along “flip book” version for Windows can be downloaded directly from Lucky’s website.  A printed version is also available.

The Olmon family successfully developed activities to support the book. I have already played the matching game and loved it.

As a preschool teacher, I am convinced that Lucky the Left-Pawed Puppy and it’s support materials are an important addition to any educational library and especially important for the proper physical, small motor, and psychological development of left-handed children.

Update:  12/19/2022

Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy is no longer available on Amazon.  To learn more about Lucky the Left-Handed Puppy, Billie Kelpin Olmon, and Windmill Works, visit

Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy
Lucky the Left Pawed Puppy

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