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Monday, August 31, 2015

War Room Movie Supplemental Materials

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War Room Movie Supplemental Materials

Two days ago, I posted my review of the War Room movie.  I want to take a minute to let you know about a few supplemental materials that are already available.  These materials are great resources for building upon Bible Study discussions, aiding Leadership, promoting the War Room movie, and planning outreach.  For more personal use, the Battle Plan for Prayer teaches us how to pray effectively and then you can track your personal prayer life with the Battle Plan Prayer Journal.

If you are not yet familiar with the War Room movie, learn more and watch the trailer here.

War Room Movie Supplemental Materials

War Room Movie Supplemental Materials
Yes, War Room is in book form!  Get it here.

Battle Plan for Prayer
The Battle Plan for Prayer:  From Basic Training to Targeted Strategies
This book is designed to help you build a strong prayer life and deeper relationship with God.

Bible Study
War Room Bible Study Book
This short Bible Study series includes 5 lessons:

Dealing with Spiritual Lukewarmness

Christian Accountability

Grasping Grace and the Gospel

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare

Trusting God in Prayer

Get the War Room Bible Study Book here.

War Room Bible Study
War Room Leader Kit
The War Room Leader Kit is designed to aid those who lead the War Room Bible Study.  Get it here

Battle Plan Prayer Journal
The Battle Plan Prayer Journal
The Battle Plan Prayer Journal measures 3.7in.  X 0.6in.  X 5.7in.  You can carry it in your purse or pocket.  Inside, you will find guided prayer prompts, prayer request organization, scripture reminders, answered prayer tracking, and more.  Get it here.

War Room Campaign Kit
War Room Church Campaign Kit
The War Room Church Campaign Kit is designed to help churches promote the movie and plan outreach efforts.  This kit includes the War Room Bible Study Leader Kit and other helpful resources.  To learn about the complete contents of the campaign kit and to get it for your church, click here.

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