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Airplane Crafts for Kids

Airplane Crafts for Kids
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Airplane Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Airplane

Kids love toilet paper roll crafts.  They are usually simple and versatile.  Instruct your kids to paint or color the paper roll.  For smaller planes, use a toilet paper roll or cut a paper towel roll in half.  For larger planes, use the entire paper towel roll.  Remind the kids that too much paint will make the paper roll soggy so only use a little bit of paint.  After the paint dries, glue the tubes together so that one is perpendicular to the other.  Then, split the tail end with a pair of scissors.  Add a strip of paper through the slit.  You might have to glue or paper clip the strip of paper in so that it stays in place while in flight.  If weather permits, take the kids outside to enjoy their planes.

Laundry Pin Airplane

Use wooden laundry pins and tongue depressors to make this cute wooden airplane.  Allow the children to paint the wooden pins and depressors in whatever colors they like.  After the paint dries, glue the pieces together.  Cut tail spikes out of craft foam and let the children paint them to match their planes.

Play-Doh Planes

Get out the Play-Doh and allow the kids to craft their own planes.  They can mold and shape small planes, large planes, various shaped planes, and unusual planes.  Don’t expect aerodynamically correct planes.  Allow the kids to use their imaginations and create whatever sort of plane they want.  The purpose of this activity is to exercise fine motor skills as they work.

Field Trip:  Air Show

If possible, schedule a field trip to an air show.  The kids can see the planes in motion.  They might even get a chance to climb on-board a grounded plane and learn about the inside and how pilots fly planes.

Read Books about Planes

This one should have been at the top of the list!  Read, read, read.  Go to the library, download books on your eReader devices, iPads, etc.  Find all the books you can find about airplanes and read them with your kids. (See Suggestions Below!)

Airplane Snack

Obtain the old fashioned pre-wrapped Smarties candies, sticks of gum, Life Savers or any kind of mint with a hole in the middle, and a rubber-band.  Glue the gum stick onto the Smarties candy so that the two snacks are perpendicular to one another.  Then run the rubber band through the Life Saver holes and wrap them around the candy.  Secure the Life Saver wheels in place by hooking the rubber-band around the ends of the gum-stick.

Just Draw

Give the children crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens, and a lot of paper.  Allow the children to draw planes.  Allow them to use their imaginations and draw, draw, draw.

Airplane Books from Usborne Books

100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

Packed with brilliantly designed paper planes to make and fly, ranging from fighter planes to space rockets and creepy flying bugs. This book features four different models to perfect, each with their own concise instructions on how to best fold and fly them. Printed on special tear-out pages, each of the 100 planes features a unique design.  Check it out here.

100 More Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

100 More Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

Form a squadron and fill the skies with spectacular paper planes! Choose from 100 colourful versions of four unique designs including rockets, fighting tigers and speedy shuttles.
  • Includes clear and concise instructions on how to fold and fly your plane and precise guidelines to master different flying techniques.
  • Also includes advanced tips for high flyers!
  • Check it out here! 

200 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

200 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

Hours of interactive fun for the whole family, this pad includes designs from 100 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly and 100 More Paper Planes to Fold and Fly. With tips to improve your flying skills at the back of the book.

Put your flying skills to the test with these spectacular paper planes. With 200 tear-out sheets to choose from, make your aircraft into rocketing robots, squirming squid, supercharged engines, or alien invaders.  Check it out here.

Lift and Look Planes

Lift and Look Planes

  • Which plane can land on water? What's happening at the airport?
    Find out by lifting all the flaps in this delightful board book.
  • Busy scenes provide lots to see and talk about,
    helping to expand vocabulary and develop observation skills.
  • Check it out here! 

On the Plane (A Shine-A-Light Book)

On the Plane

What can you spot at the airport today? Shine a light behind the page and see … From the airport staff who X-ray the baggage and check passports, to the pilots who fly the planes, each page-turn takes you behind the scenes of an exciting plane trip.  Check it out here.



How fast does a plane move along the runway? What happens to your luggage? How does the captain know which way to fly the plane? In this book you'll find the answers and lots more about planes.

Planes is part of an exciting new series of books for children who are beginning to read on their own. The easy-to-read text has been specially written with the help of a reading expert.

This is an Accelerated Reader title.  Accelerated Reader (AR) is the world's most popular reading management software.  Used in nearly 60,000 schools, Accelerated Reader provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor all forms of guided reading practice.  Check it out here.

Wind Up Plane Book

Wind Up Plane Book

Wind up the plane and watch it whiz around the tracks in this delightful interactive book.  Check it out here.

 100 Things to Do On A Plane

100 Things to Do On a Plane

Includes individual activities such as drawing, mazes, and anagrams as well as group activities including battleships, hangman, and 4-in-a-row; sure to keep children (and adults!) amused for hours.  Check it out here.

That's Not My Plane

That's Not My Plane

This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. The bright pictures with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory awareness and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches.  Check it out here.

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