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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Treasury Collection of Christmas Pop Up Books

Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)

The Treasury Collection of Christmas Pop Up Books

The Treasury Collection of Christmas Pop-Up Books includes four stories:

Silent Night by Joseph Mohr and Franz GruberSilent Night is illustrated by Peter Church.

Santa’s Toy Shop by Michelle Andrews.  Santa’s Toy Shop is illustrated by Bob Lynch.

The Shepherd’s Christmas by Michelle Andrews.  The Shepherd’s Christmas is illustrated by John Gurney.

The First Christmas Tree by Mary Tchir.  The First Christmas Tree is illustrated by Loretta Lustig.

Silent Night
Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)
Silent Night is simply the song. On each page, the reader reads a verse to the song, Silent Night, while looking at the pop up illustrations.

Santa's Toy Shop
Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)
Santa’s Toy Shop opens with Santa waiting for the last letters from the children. Snow is falling and an elf enters the room with the letters. The next page explains the toys Santa and the elves make for the children. The book ends as Santa and the elves load the sleigh. Santa takes off to deliver the toys.

The Shepherd's Christmas
Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)
The Shepherd’s Christmas opens with a little shepherd boy looking for a lost sheep. As he spots the sheep, an angel appears and informs him of a Savior who has just been born. The angel tells the boy to follow the star to find the baby. The boy tells other shepherds and they all head out to find the baby. The boy, still carrying the sheep, and the other shepherds find the baby and rejoice.

The First Christmas Tree
Image Credit:  Abundant Family Living (Tina Truelove)
The First Christmas Tree opens with chipmunks playing in a forest. They come upon a sad tree. The tree is sad because he has no one to celebrate Christmas with. The chipmunks and other animals gather berries, nuts, pine cones, and other objects from the forest with which to decorate the lonely tree. The animals explain that they have never had a Christmas tree and this tree will be their first one. The tree turns out beautiful. The animals and the tree celebrate Christmas together.
The stories are short and sweet. The authors successfully complete a full story within just a few pages which makes sense to little children. The stories easily fit within the boundaries of little attention spans.

Each book is only six pages long. The pop out illustrations are very good, but the books are poorly constructed. The pages will easily tear. Adults will need to supervise the use of these books if they wish to enjoy them for more than a few days.

Here are several other Christmas books your child will enjoy.

Nativity Flap Book
Discover the magic of the very first Christmas by lifting the big flaps in this simple story of the Nativity.  Check it out here.

The Nativity (A Touchy-Feely Book)
A gorgeous Christmas addition to the popular Usborne Touchy-Feely series! Charming illustrations by Rachel Wells accompany a delightful, tactile retelling of the Christmas story, complete with fluffy donkeys, woolly sheep, a glittering angel and, of course, the baby Jesus, sleeping in his soft blanket. This appealing large-format book makes the perfect present for young children experiencing Christmas for the very first time.  Check it out here.

The Story of Baby Jesus Picture Book

This is a delightful retelling of the story of the birth of Jesus. Follow Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and celebrate the magic of the very first Christmas.  Check it out here.

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