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A Family Altar Alters the Family

A Family Altar Alters the Family

Earlier today, I drove by a marque sign at the church near our home.  The sign read, "A family altar alters the family."  I thought about that for a few minutes, remember how my dad led our family in a time of Bible study and prayer every evening.  Then, I thought about my family and how my husband led our family in a time of Bible study and prayer while our children were growing up.  I'm convinced that those times had a profound positive impact on my life and also the lives of our children.  Had we not had those family gatherings, I wonder where I might have been spiritually as a teenager and young adult.  I also wondered where my own children would be spiritually today if my husband and I had not taken the time to sit as a family to read the Bible and pray together.  We didn't have an officially established altar, but we had a living room where we gathered as a family to read the Bible and pray together.  My family is living proof that the sign I read is true.  A family altar alters the family

A Family Altar Alters the Family
A Family Altar Alters the Family

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments to connect as a family can be challenging. Yet, one powerful practice can bring families closer together while nurturing their spiritual lives: establishing a family altar. This simple yet profound tradition can significantly impact a family’s dynamics, fostering deeper bonds, shared values, and a sense of peace and purpose. Let’s explore how a family altar can genuinely alter your family.

What is a Family Altar?

A family altar is a dedicated space in your home for prayer, Bible reading, and worship. It is a focal point for your family’s spiritual activities, encouraging regular, intentional time with God. This space can be as simple or elaborate as you choose, but make sure the focus is on the Bible.

The Benefits of a Family Altar

1. Strengthening Family Bonds

Creating a family altar and committing to regular worship together fosters unity and shared purpose. As family members gather to pray, read scripture, and reflect on their faith, they strengthen their emotional and spiritual connections. These moments of togetherness can become cherished memories and establish a strong foundation for your family’s relationships.

2. Fostering Spiritual Growth

A family altar provides a consistent opportunity for spiritual growth and learning. Children and adults alike can deepen their understanding of the Bible, explore their faith, and develop a habit of regular prayer. This practice helps instill important values and morals, guiding family members' daily lives and decisions.

3. Encouraging Open Communication

Regular family gatherings at the family altar encourage open communication about faith, struggles, and blessings. This environment promotes honesty and vulnerability, allowing family members to share their thoughts and feelings without judgment. Such open dialogue can improve understanding and support within the family, leading to stronger, more empathetic relationships.

4. Creating a Sense of Peace and Stability

A family altar can be a source of peace and stability in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty. This dedicated time for worship and reflection provides a respite from daily stresses and fosters a sense of calm. Knowing that there is a regular time and place for spiritual connection can help family members feel grounded and supported.

How to Create a Family Altar

1. Choose a Location

Select a quiet, comfortable spot in your home where your family can gather without distractions. This could be a corner of the living room, a spare room, or even a space in the backyard.

2. Gather Meaningful Items

The only item you need for this space is the Bible, but sometimes, theologically sound commentaries and devotionals can help families better understand the Bible.

3. Set a Schedule

Decide on a regular time for your family to gather at the altar. This could be daily, weekly, or whatever frequency works best for your family’s schedule. Consistency is critical to making this practice a meaningful part of your routine.  I recommend that every family member have a quiet time alone daily in God's Word.  Then, gather at the family altar as much as possible, every day if possible, but at least a few times per week.

4. Engage All Family Members

Encourage each family member to participate in the activities at the altar. This might include reading scripture, leading a prayer, sharing a reflection, or choosing a hymn to sing. Involving everyone helps ensure that all voices are heard and valued.

5. Be Flexible and Patient

Creating a new family tradition takes time and patience. Be flexible with your schedule and approach, adjusting to accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences. The goal is to make this a joyful and meaningful practice.

A family altar can profoundly alter your family’s dynamics, bringing you closer together and deepening your faith. Creating space for regular worship and reflection can strengthen family bonds, foster spiritual growth, and cultivate a sense of peace and stability. Whether you’re looking to enhance your family’s spiritual life or seeking a new way to connect, consider establishing a family altar and experiencing its transformative power.

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A Family Altar Alters the Family
A Family Altar Alters the Family

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