Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bitterness (Bible Study by Beth Moore)

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We begin today’s lesson by learning that while wandering in the desert, the Israelites were thirsty for water.  They were in the Desert of Shur.  They had been without water for three days.  They finally found water in Marah, only to taste its bitterness. Can you imagine?  They had already experienced a long journey, led by a cloud during the day, a fire at night.  They had escaped the Egyptians by traveling through a miraculously parted Red Sea.  They had now gone without water for three days – through a hot, dry desert without water for three days!  They were likely dirty, tired, hungry, and so thirsty. Then, when they finally found water, they tasted only its bitterness.  But here, after such a wearisome journey, God met the children of Israel’s need for water.  In Exodus 15:25, we read that Moses cried out to the Lord and God showed him a tree.  When Moses threw the tree into the water, the water became sweet.  There was another tree that turned bitterness to sweetness . . . many years later . . . at Gethsemane.  Jesus was nailed to a cross made from wood that was once a tree.  At the moment of Jesus’ death, the bitterness of all the sins of the world became sweet as God made a way to once again dwell with His children through the sacrifice of His Son.
He (God) introduced Himself as Jehovah-Rapha by demonstrating His power over the most common disease from which His children would suffer – bitterness. – Beth Moore

Bitterness is a spiritual cancer, a rapidly growing malignancy that can consume your life. – Beth Moore
Only Jesus can heal bitterness.  When he brings us through the barren deserts of circumstances which bring us to the point of forgiveness, His desire is that we not only be healed, but that we meet the Healer who is Jesus Christ.

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