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Smitty, A True American Hero by Jimmy Hope (Book Review)


Smitty A True American Hero by Jimmy Hope
Smitty, A True American Hero by Jimmy Hope
*The author of this novel did not provide me with a free copy of this book in exchange for a positive review, nor did he ask for a positive review. I bought the book myself and the following is my honest review.

 "The slamming of a fresh ammo clip into an M-1 carbine shattered the silence of the night."

Well, that got my attention. I was hooked from the first sentence of Jimmy Hope's novel Smitty, A True American Hero. 

Smitty, A True American Hero by Jimmy Hope (Book Review)

By the end of the second chapter of Smitty, A True American Hero, I had already developed a soft spot for Smitty.  Smitty was no stranger to hard work and hard times.  The era was that of World War II.  Times were tough for most, but Smitty's circumstances were particularly challenging.  He was a 19-year-old young man with a huge responsibility on his shoulders.  It was all he could do to keep his family fed, clothed, and sheltered, and the future was anything but hopeful.  Then, he was drafted into the Army during World War II.

As I traveled through the story, I developed a fondness for other characters:  Smitty's mother (Hannah), his sister (Maria), and his friend (Johnny).  I had developed a lack of fondness for a few characters as well.  As I was reading this book, I got lost in the story as if I were there, living out circumstances and challenges with the characters.  Characters became like family, friends, and in some cases, foes.  Author Jimmy Hope has a way of writing that keeps you wondering what will happen next.  One minute, I'm cruising happily through the story, and then BAM, a punch in the gut.  I'm either laughing or crying, but either way, I never saw it coming.  He can turn a story on a dime, making you rejoice one minute and grieve the next (or vice versa).

The story of Smitty's young life and transformation from boy to man during World War II will be loved most deeply by lovers of historical fiction, but it will also be appreciated by lovers of clean romance novels, lovers of faith-based novels, and those who love meaningful stories with enough comic relief to keep readers laughing, crying, empathizing, rejoicing, and grieving with the characters they love.

Smitty, A True American Hero is a novel that takes the reader through the challenges of an economic depression, the horrors of war, and the sadness of separation from loved ones during a time when there were no internet connections, video chats, or cell phone communications for families of deployed loved ones. The reader experiences the joy of new relationships and the pain of tragic loss. It's a heartfelt story of life, love, and triumph over tragedy.

There are life lessons to be learned throughout the novel.  Smitty trusted God with his life.  He remained faithful to Him in the midst of temptations.  When he was deep in despair, it was his faith in God's sovereignty that brought him out of the valley.  He rejoiced in God's blessings.

As I read this story, one particular line stood out to me that can be applied to our current lives whenever we are faced with fear.  I'll leave you with this quote so you can decide to which situation in your life it can be applied.

"Fear was a strong and ever present enemy, and he knew that fear never stops death.  It stops life."

Smitty, A True American Hero is a story you will not want to miss.  

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Smitty, A True American Hero
Smitty, A True American Hero by Jimmy Hope

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