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30 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate National Oceans Month

30 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate National Oceans Month
30 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate National Oceans Month

30 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate National Oceans Month

June is National Oceans Month, a time filled with joy and excitement as we engage kids in fun and educational activities that celebrate and protect our oceans. Here are 30 kid-friendly ways to ignite your children's curiosity about marine life and ocean conservation, sparking a sense of hope and optimism in their young minds.

Create Ocean-Themed Crafts

Encourage kids to get hands-on with recycled materials and create their own ocean-themed crafts like fish, sea turtles, and jellyfish.

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Ocean Themed Crafts
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Visit an Aquarium

Plan a visit to a local aquarium. This is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn about marine animals and their habitats.

Read Ocean Books

Explore children's books about the ocean, such as "Look Inside Seas and Oceans" by Megan Cullis or "Peek Inside the Deep Ocean" by Anna Milbourne.

Watch Ocean Documentaries

Watch kid-friendly ocean movies and documentaries like "Finding Dory" or "Octonauts" to learn about sea life.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

While visiting the beach, participate in a fun scavenger hunt.  You can right-click and download the following two free pages, or create your own.

FREE Beach Scavenger Hunt Pages

Free Beach Scavenger Hunt Page 1
Fee Beach Scavenger Hunt Page 1

Free Beach Scavenger Hunt Page 2
Fee Beach Scavenger Hunt Page 2

Build a Sandcastle

Enjoy a day at the beach with your kids, building sandcastles and other sand sculptures for a fun-filled activity.

Need a Sand Castle Building Kit?  Check this one out.

Sand Castle Building Kit
This Sand Castle Building Kit is available here.

Ocean-Themed Coloring Pages

Print out ocean-themed coloring pages for kids to color and learn about different sea creatures, or gift your kids with my Beach-Themed Coloring Book, suitable for both kids and adults!

Beach Themed Coloring Book
This beach-themed coloring book is available here.

Visit a Tide Pool

Explore a tide pool with kids to discover and learn about small marine creatures.

Make Ocean Slime

Create ocean-themed slime using blue food coloring, glitter, and small ocean animal toys.  Here is a recipe for ocean slime with photos from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Participate in a Citizen Science Project

Get involved in citizen science projects like counting horseshoe crabs or monitoring beach-nesting birds.

Ocean-Themed Storytime

Have an ocean-themed storytime with books, songs, and fingerplays about the sea.

Create a Marine Life Mobile

Make a mobile featuring different sea creatures using paper, string, and a hanger.

Ocean-Themed Science Experiments

Conduct simple science experiments like saltwater density tests or create a model of ocean currents.

Janice VanCleave's Oceans for Every Kid: Easy Activities that Make Learning Science Fun
This item is available here.

Host a Marine Animal Dress-Up Day

Let kids dress up as their favorite marine animals and learn fun facts about each one.

Virtual Aquarium Tours

Take virtual tours of famous aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium or Georgia Aquarium.

Bake Ocean-Themed Treats

Bake cookies or cupcakes shaped like fish, starfish, and other sea creatures.  Here are a few good ideas to get you started:

Under the Sea Graham Crackers

Beach Themed Pudding Cups

Easy Fish Jello Cups

Clam Shell Cookies

Ocean Themed Dipped Oreos

Shark Bait Snack Mix

Ocean Cupcakes with Edible Wrapper Waves

Learn About Marine Conservation

Teach kids about marine conservation efforts and how they can help protect the oceans.  My week-long sea animals unit is a great resource for this purpose.  

About My Week-long Sea Animals Lesson Plan eBook:

Week-long Lesson Plan for Teachers, Homeschool Families, and Parents Who Want to Teach Kids About Sea Animals, Our Oceans, and the Importance of Protecting Them

Students will learn about various sea animals' habitats, characteristics, and adaptations. They will understand the importance of marine life and conservation efforts. Students will enjoy hands-on activities to deepen their understanding of sea creatures. Your students will view images of sea animals, coral reef environments, deep sea creatures, and ocean pollution. They will watch videos to deepen their understanding of the topics included in this unit.

Each day in this unit includes an objective, lesson topic information, images, video suggestions, read-aloud book suggestions, and a hands-on craft activity.

Day One: Introduction to Sea Animals
Day Two: Facts About Dolphins
Day Three: Life in the Coral Reef
Day Four: Deep Sea Exploration
Day Five: Conservation of Marine Life

Grab it here!

Sea Animals:  A Week-long Lesson Plan Unit for Teachers and Homeschool Families
My Sea Animals Week-long Lesson Plan is available here.

If you need a printed copy of this Sea Animals Unit, you can download it now from my Etsy shop.

Sea Animals Printable Week-long Lesson Plan for Teachers and Homeschool Families
Get your printable week-long lesson plan on sea animals here.

You may also like my Sea Animals Activity Book and my Sea Animals Coloring Book.

About my Sea Animals Activity Book:

This Sea Animals Activity Book is perfect for young oceanic explorers. It is filled with 78 activity pages designed to spark interest in sea life. From dolphins to sea turtles, each page is bound to keep kids both entertained and educated for hours. Kids not only color, but also engage in dot-to-dot activities, drawing, counting sea animals, and exercising matching skills. Grab those crayons and get ready for hours of sea life fun!

Sea Animals Activity Book
Get your Sea Animals Activity Book here.

About my Sea Animals Coloring Book:

Enjoy 186 pages of adorable sea animals in this Sea Animals Coloring Book. Color pages featuring dolphins, whales, octopuses, sharks, turtles, and more lovable sea animals. You will even color vibrant, beautiful coral reefs. This book will provide hours of coloring fun while sparking an interest in the underwater world of sea animals. Get ready for your underwater adventure. Grab the crayons or the colored pencils and bring the beauty of the sea to life.

Sea Animals Coloring Book
Get your Sea Animals Coloring Book here.

Plant a Tree for the Ocean

Plant a tree in your backyard or community to help reduce carbon dioxide levels and protect ocean health.

Create Ocean-Themed Jewelry

Make necklaces and bracelets with ocean-themed beads and charms.

Get an ocean themed jewelry making kit!

Ocean Themed Jewelry Making Kit
Get your ocean themed jewelry making kit here.

Visit a Marine Sanctuary

Explore a nearby marine sanctuary to learn about protected marine areas and their importance.

Listen to Ocean Sounds

Relax and listen to recordings of ocean waves and marine life sounds.

Make Recycled Art

Create art projects using recycled materials to highlight the importance of reducing plastic waste.

Watch a Marine Life Puppet Show

Put on a puppet show featuring marine animals and ocean conservation themes.

Ocean Animals Puppets
Get your ocean animals puppets here!

Learn to Identify Seashells

Collect and identify different types of seashells on the beach.

Host an Ocean Trivia Night

Organize a fun trivia night with ocean-themed questions for kids.

Create an Underwater Scene

Use a shoebox and craft materials to create an underwater diorama.

Learn to Snorkel

Teach kids how to snorkel and explore underwater marine life.

Snorkel Set for Kids
Get a snorkel set for your child here!

Make Ocean-Themed T-Shirts

Design and paint ocean-themed T-shirts using fabric paint and stencils.

Join an Ocean-Themed Camp

Enroll kids in an ocean-themed summer camp or a day camp to learn more about marine life.

Celebrate World Oceans Day

Participate in World Oceans Day on June 8th with activities and events focusing on protecting our oceans.

By immersing in these fun and educational activities, kids can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the oceans. These activities not only entertain but also educate, reinforcing the importance of conserving our marine environments. Celebrate National Oceans Month by diving into these exciting adventures, reassured that you're fostering a love for the sea and learning in young minds.

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Enjoy World Oceans Month, but before you go . . . 

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30 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate National Oceans Month
30 Fun Kid-Friendly Activities to Celebrate National Oceans Month

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