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That's not my . . . Taller and Shorter

That's Not My . . . Taller and Shorter
That's not my . . . Taller and Shorter

That's not my . . . Taller and Shorter

That's not my . . . Taller and Shorter by Fiona Watt is a board book for younger children. This cute little book is illustrated by Rachel Wells and features adorable animals that kids love. Children will compare which animals are taller and which ones are shorter such as a giraffe and an elephant, a frog and a mouse, a meerkat and a duck, and so forth. That's not my . . . Taller and Shorter helps young children understand the concepts of big, little, and height comparisons. Children will enjoy watching a tiny little mouse appear on various pages throughout the book. They will also enjoy fireflies, butterflies, and birds. If you wish, you can help your child count daisies, stars, and clouds as you read together.

The pages are colorful, thick, and durable. If the pages become soiled, you can wipe them off with a damp cloth but don't soak them.

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Activities to do with your child before or after reading That's not my . . . Taller and Shorter:

(The following activities cover a range of ability levels. Pick the ones that will benefit your child.)

Here is a live interactive taller and shorter worksheet from Live Worksheets. Do you have older children? Scroll down for worksheets about units of measurement for older children.

Kindergarten parents, here's one for you. It's 27 pages of taller and shorter measurements for Kindergarten aged children. It's only 95 cents at Teachers Pay Teachers.

This activity is another one that you can purchase at Teachers Pay Teachers. It's a Kindergarten measurement activity. Your child will compare more/less, shorter/taller, etc.

Read Marvin the Very Tall Bear by T.A. Unwin. This book is recommended for children between the ages of 2 and 7.

Marvin the Very Tall Bear
This item is available here.

Gather blocks, paper tubes, and other objects for your child. Ask him or her to build short buildings, tall buildings, and other structures. Identify the taller structures and shorter structures. Your collection might look something like this.

Visit Learning Playtime to get a whole bunch of ideas for helping your child understand the concepts of taller, shorter, and other measurements.

Provide your child with LEGO Blocks. Have her or him stack the blocks to see how tall they can stack a tower before it falls down. Build smaller towers as well. Build several towers. Then arrange them from shortest to tallest.

Scavenger hunts are so much fun. Send your child on a Taller/Shorter scavenger hunt. You don't have to make your own list unless you want to. Primary Playground has already created one for you. There are a lot of scavenger hunts listed so you'll need to scroll down a good ways to get to the Taller or Shorter scavenger hunt.

If you have multiple children in your home or classroom, arrange everyone according to height. Line everyone up from shortest to tallest.

Use nesting dolls to teach the concept of taller or shorter. This set is animal themed. Kids will love comparing the heights of a bear, a fox, an owl, a rabbit, and a raccoon.

Animal Nesting Dolls
This item is available here.

That's Not My Taller and Shorter
That's Not My . . . Taller and Shorter

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