Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Woman’s Heart: Bible Study by Beth Moore

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A Woman’s Heart: Bible Study by Beth Moore
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Last night, I began a new Wednesday night Bible study at church, A Woman’s Heart:  God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore.  It has been several years since I’ve participated in a Beth Moore Bible study so I’m excited about this one.  It’s a ten week study led by Beth Moore via video.  Then, after the video, we discuss the content of the lesson.  I thought I would take time to share highlights and important points with you as I go through the study.  Last night, we went through the introduction of A Woman’s Heart.

A Woman's Heart:  God's Dwelling Place

A Woman’s Heart is God’s dwelling place, much like a tabernacle.  If I understood last night’s content correctly, a woman’s heart, my heart, will be consistently compared to a holy tabernacle as we dig deeper into the content of the study.

We were introduced to three key points:
  1.  The Wonder of God’s Pursuit:  God pursues us.  He pursues me.  He pursues you.
  2. The Beauty of God’s Consistency.  God consistently teaches us about His holy place, the tabernacle, throughout the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.
  3. The Glory of God’s Son.
Throughout the next ten weeks, Beth’s prayer is that our minds will be open to understanding the scriptures.  She wants us to understand the holiness of the tabernacle as God’s dwelling place.  She wants us to understand that God pursues us.  He loves us.  A woman’s heart, for those women who have received Jesus, is God’s dwelling place.

I’m looking forward to digging deeper into this study along with a room full of other ladies who desire to understand the scriptures and live lives that honor God.  I look forward to growing in Christ with other ladies who desire to allow their lives to reflect the holy place in their hearts where God dwells.

If you're interested in this study, you'll need:

Beautiful Word Coloring Bible

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You can get the study book only here.  The study book is all you'll need if you are going through this study with your church group.  Your Bible study leader should have this kit.  However, if you are going through it alone or leading a study in your home, you'll need the leader kit below.

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