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Mended Hearts – Eternal Ties (Beth Moore Bible Study)

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Mended Hearts – Eternal Ties
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Mended Hearts - Eternal Ties

Our Final Session in Our Bible Study Series - 

A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place

“Wow” is the best word I can think of at the moment to describe this study.  It has been one of the best Bible studies I’ve ever done.  I’ve never studied the Old Testament Tabernacle before, especially this deep.  I’ve read about it but I’ve never STUDIED it.  Through this study, I’ve learned more about the nature and heart of God than I’ve ever learned in any Bible study I’ve ever done.  The knowledge I’ve gained through this Old Testament study has clarified and solidified all I’ve ever learned and known about Jesus.  The “big picture” makes more sense to me.  This study has nurtured a yearning within me to learn more, grow more, and live more fully in the will of my God.  Please consider the following short summaries of our last lesson in A Woman’s Heart:  God’s Dwelling Place.  Our final lesson was titled Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties.

Day 1 of Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties:  A Peek at the Promised Land

We arrived at the place where the children of Israel were almost ready to enter the Promised Land.  They sent spies into the land to see what the people were like, how big they were, and to scope out the land.  The people were large.  Some of the spies spread negative rumors about the land.  The people were afraid and decided that they should have died back in Egypt or while they were wondering in the wilderness.  Caleb, however, said they should go up and take possession of the land.  The children of Israel were a stubborn people.  They threatened to stone Joshua and Calebto death.  God wanted to smite the Israelites with pestilence but Moses actually changed God’s mind.  However, there would still be consequences.  This generation, except for Caleb, would not enter the promised land.  Not until this entire generation died in the wilderness would God send their descendants into the Promised Land.

Even Moses, due to an episode of disobedience, would not enter the Promised Land.  God had instructed Moses to speak to a rock, but instead he struck the rock with his staff.

I’ve read about Moses so many times during my 46 years of church attendance but never before have I connected with his character.  God loved Moses.  God brought Moses to a place where he could look over and out and see the Promised Land with his eyes, though he would never step onto the soil.  Then Moses passed away and God himself buried Moses’ body.  Of all the times I’ve read this passage, I’ve never mourned Moses’ death until now.

During our time of discussion in class, one lady raised a profound question.  Moses went to the rock as God commanded and the desired result was accomplished but Moses missed out on God’s full blessing due to the fact that he struck the rock instead of speaking to it.  Here is the question that was raised and one we should ask ourselves every day.

How many times have I behaved with only partial obedience, only to miss out on God’s full blessing?

Day 2 of Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties:  Home to Jerusalem 

The Israelites enter the Promised Land.  Beth shared a newspaper passage about the authenticity of the battle for Jericho.  The article appeared in a newspaper and was not part of the religion section.  The article is of great historical value: 
The walls of Jericho did come tumbling down as recounted in the Bible according to an archaeological study.  “When we compare the archaeological evidence at Jericho with the Biblical narrative describing the Israelite destruction of Jericho, we find remarkable agreement.” said archaeologist Bryand G. Wood of the University of Toronto . . . “Scholars by and large have written off the biblical record as so much folklore and religious rhetoric,”  Wood said.  However, he said extensive ceramic remnants and a carbon-14 sample . . . support the Biblical account.  “The correlation between the archaeological evidence and the biblical narrative is substantial.” he said.  As described in Joshua 6, Joshua’s army marched around the city for a week, blowing rams’ horns, and on the seventh day combined shouting with the piercing horns, “and the walls fell down flat.” (Newspaper Quote from A Woman’s Heart:  God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore)
Day 3 of Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties:  The True Tabernacle
Christ the Son of God, the complete embodiment of God’s Word, came to tabernacle among us.  He looked on humanity’s losing battle with sin and pitched His divine tent in the middle of the camp so that He could dwell among us.  We beheld his glory (John 1:14) ~ Beth Moore 
Day 4 of Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties:  The New Tabernacle

If we have received the gift of salvation, then the Holy Spirit dwells within us.  We are the temple.  God dwelt among the children of Israel, there just above the mercy seat, in the Tabernacle.  God still desires to dwell with His people.  This Easter, we remember the brutal death of Jesus on a cross, but he’s no longer there.  He is risen.  The price he paid on the cross was great, so great that every single person will, at some point in his or her life, receive an invitation to receive Him.  His Spirit dwells amongst us now within those who have received Him as Lord.

Day 5 of Mended Hearts, Eternal Ties:  The Intimacy of the Holy of Holies

God desires fellowship with His children.  Through Jesus, we can go to Him now, right into the Holy of Holies.  Back in the wilderness, during days of the Old Testament tabernacle, only the high priests who descended from Aaron could enter the Holy of Holies and those times were limited.  Today, if we have received Jesus, through Him we can go straight to the Holy of Holies, straight to the throne of God, to make our petitions known.  It came with a high price but oh what a gift!

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