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The Life Application Study Bible

Last month, I told you about the NIV Quest Study Bible.  It's a great Bible.  If you missed that post, go check it out.  Today, I'm going to tell you about the NIV Life Application Study Bible.  It has been updated and expanded.  In this Bible, there are thousands of notes and other features that will help you apply God's Word to your everyday life.

*The NIV Life Application Study Bible was provided to me by Bible Gateway in exchange for an honest review as a Bible Gateway Blogger Grid Member.  I was not required to write a positive review.  The facts and opinions in this post are totally my own.

 The Life Application Study Bible

As I stated in my last Bible review, it is impossible for me to read the Bible through and study it in depth before my review deadline.  There is just too much in there.  What I can do is show you all the features offered in this updated and expanded version of the NIV Life Application Study Bible.

Are you planning to gift someone with a new study Bible?  This one has a presentation page.  Write your own sentiment here before you wrap it up.

The Contents page gives you an overview of the many features this Bible offers you and shows you where to find each feature.

The NIV Life Application Study Bible has a cross reference system.  A cross reference system is important for understanding scripture passages.  Cross referencing helps us understand the Biblical context and background for the Scriptures.

You'll find an alphabetical list of the books of the Bible.  I somehow missed getting the photo but you'll also find a list of books in the Bible in order of their appearance in the Old and New Testaments.  In the New Testament, words of Jesus are in red.

Each book of the Bible begins with a description of the book.  You'll see the author if the the author is known.  You'll learn the time period in which the book was written, key verses, and a timeline - just to name a few things.

Throughout the Bible, there are lots of footnotes.  The footnotes outline and sometimes explains the key points in the passages.

Maps throughout the Bible help you understand the geography of Biblical times and locations of Biblical events.  Maps help you place Biblical events in their historical locations and also help you determine where in our world today that those events happened.

I came across this awesome description of the twelve disciples.  This graphic describes each disciples occupation, outstanding characteristics, major life events, what Jesus said about him, a key lesson fro each disciple's life, and selected references for each one.

A Bible dictionary and concordance helps you understand terms you might not recognize within scripture passages.  A Bible concordance shows you where each word is found in the Scriptures.

I discovered an index to personality profiles.  This is the reference you'll use if you want to learn more about a specific Biblical character.

This NIV Life Application Study Bible contains an index to charts.  It gives you the title to the chart in each book of the Bible and the page where the specific chart is located.

This chart shows you 250 events in the life of  Christ.  You'll see where each event is recorded in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming a more effective Christian worker?  There is a section within this Bible that gives you many tips.  This one starts with how to become a Christian.

In the back of the Bible, you'll find many colorful maps.  You can use these maps to build upon what you learn from the maps you'll find within the Scripture texts.

As you can see, there are many things to love about the NIV Life Application Study Bible.  This is simply an overview of all this Bible has to offer.  Whether you are a new believer who is just starting to study your Bible or a seasoned Biblical scholar, you'll find many helpful features in this Bible.

I encourage you to go to Bible Gateway here to read an interview with the NIV Life Application Study Bible's general editor.

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