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Different Kinds of Offerings (Bible Study by Beth Moore)

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Different Kinds of Offerings
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Today, in A Woman’s Heart:  God’s Dwelling Place by Beth Moore, we studied the different kinds of offerings.  We have learned that God was very specific about how the tabernacle would be constructed.  He was also very specific about the different kinds of offerings that would right the relationship between God and the Israelites.

Different Kinds of Offerings

There were five different kinds of offerings for the tabernacle altar of sacrifice.
  1. The Burnt Offering:  The burnt offering was offered in the morning and evening, on the Sabbath, and special days.
  2. The Grain Offering:  The grain offering was the only offering that did not involve the shedding of blood.
  3. The Peace Offering:  The peace offering was similar to the burnt offering, except that only certain organs would be burned.  Then, the priests would be given the breast and right thigh.  The giver of the offering would keep some meat for a meal in celebration of thanks.
  4. The Sin Offering:  The sin offering was offered to make atonement for sin that had been committed.
  5. The Guilt Offering:  The guild offering was so similar to the sin offering that it is difficult to know the difference.  Beth teaches that the main difference is that the guilt offering involves restitution.  In addition of the offering on the altar of sacrifice, the giver of the offering would also offer something to the person he offended to make restitution for the wrong done to him.
I am so thankful we no longer must sacrifice by shedding of blood today.
God’s purpose was clearly stated in living, crimson color:  an innocent victim lost its life because of the sin of its killer.  God desired that humans comprehend to some degree what price would later be paid on a wooden altar mounted at Golgotha. – Beth Moore, A Woman’s Heart:  God’s Dwelling Place
Beth goes into greater detail about the different kinds of offerings in her complete Bible study.  I recommend you complete the entire study either by yourself or with a group.  You can get your copy here.

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Different Kinds of Offerings
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