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Penguin Activities for Kids

Penguin Activities for Kids
Penguin Activities for Kids - Image Credit:  OpenClipart-Vectors - CCO Public Domain Image via Pixabay

Christmas has come and gone once again.  That means we are ready to move into winter activities for the kiddos.  Kids love penguins.  Who doesn't love penguins?  January is a great time to do penguin activities with the kids.  Here's a list to get you started.  

Penguin Activities for Kids

Salt and Ice Experiment for Kids from Views From A sTep Stool

How Do Penguins Stay Dry?  A Penguin Science Experience from ABCs of Literacy

Cotton Ball Penguin Craft from Mombrite

Penguins Activity Book for Kids
This item is available here.

Penguin Labeling Printable from Kindergarten Connection

Penguin Life Cycle Printable Pack from 123Homeschool4Me

Penguin Ice Cube Painting Activity for Kids from Glitter on a Dime

Penguin Learning Center
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Penguin STEM Activities from Primary Theme Park

Free Penguin Playdough Mats from Totschooling

Penguin Directed Drawing Activity from Natalie Lynn Kindergarten

Penguin Paperweight
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All About Penguins from Proud To Be Primary

A Simple and Adorable Penguin Rock Craft For Kids from Little Pine Learners

Penguin Preschool 2D Shape Matching Card Game from Hands On Learning from Life Over Cs

Penguin Family Puzzle
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Free Penguin Printables and Montessori-Inspired Penguin Activities from Living Montessori Now

Arctic Animals Activities from Planning Playtime

Penguin Learning Activities for Toddlers from True Aim

National Geographic Penguins
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Penguin Roll & Cover Numbers Game from School Time Snippets

Penguins Love Their ABCs Activity + Freebie from Littles Love Learning

Feed the Penguin from Little Family Fun

Penguin Book
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Baby Penguin Cutting Practice from Simple Fun for Kids

Free Printable Penguin Masks from Simple Mom Project


Penguin Activities for Kids
Penguin Activities for Kids

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Scripture Printable for Wedding

Scripture Printable for Wedding
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Scripture Printable for Kitchen
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