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Abundant Family Living Brand Update (May 2024)

Abundant Family Living Brand Update - May 2024
Abundant Family Living Brand Update - May 2024

Did you know that Abundant Family Living is not just a blog? Abundant Family Living offers a variety of products to help you live your life abundantly! We are a faith-based brand, and many of our products have a Christian theme. You support a small business when buying products from our shops. My husband and I are just two people enjoying life with our family. We have no employees. He runs Truelove's Laserworx, creating beautiful home decor and gift items using his laser machines. I create products for our Etsy and eBay shops and my Abundant Family Living shop right here on this blog. We thought today would be a good day for an Abundant Family Living brand update.

Abundant Family Living Brand Update

May 2024

First, we've added new posts to the blog.

Our Latest Blog Posts

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly—This post is based on one of my latest publications, a week-long lesson plan on the butterfly's life cycle. You can get it here.

Teaching Children About America's National Monuments - This post is based on my week-long lesson plan on National Monuments.  You can get it here.

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Products from Truelove's Laserworx

Currently, our wooden earrings are our most popular laser-cut items.  

Laser Cut Wooden Earrings
Our laser-cut wooden earrings are available here.

Our eBay Store

Our eBay store offers a variety of new items and a few gently loved items. We are currently adding Father's Day gift items.

eBay Store
Shop eBay with us here.

Our Newest Shop

Our newest shop is right here on this blog.  You'll find the same items you see in our Etsy and eBay shops, but you can purchase them right here on this blog.  To shop our Abundant Family Living Blog Store, click here.  Remember, the next time you come back, just click the "Abundant Family Living Store" tab at the top of this page.

My Amazon Author Page

I now have 18 titles published on Amazon, all of which are available now. Check back often because I have more books on the way!
My Amazon Store Page 1
These titles are available here.

My Amazon Store Page 2
These titles are available here.

M Amazon Store Page 3
These titles are available here.

My Amazon Store Page 4
These titles are available here.

My Amazon Store Page 5
These titles are available here.

Brave Books

If you follow my blog, you probably know my values.  I'm a conservative Christian who believes it's never too early to teach our children Biblical truths and conservative values.  The "woke" agenda is infiltrating every fiber of our entertainment in almost all genres.  Friend, you do have another option.  I recently discovered Brave Books.  I like them so much that I became a Brave Books Ambassador.  Brave Books teaches children Biblical conservative values.  They are pro-God, pro-family, and pro-America.  I bought several of their books and joined the Freedom Island Book Club.  I get a book sent to my house every month.  I'm saving them for my granddaughter and future grandchildren.  I'm also going to review every book I get here on the blog, and I'll talk about them on my YouTube channel.  All of this starts next week, so stay tuned!  You'll love these books.  If you want to catch my reviews of all the books I get (and I already have a lot), subscribe to my email list so you'll see every review.


YouTube is a new adventure for me.  I haven't done a lot with video because, honestly, video is not my thing.  However, I decided to give it a go.  My first real video is about one of the Brave Books that came in one of my Freedom Island Book Club deliveries.

Coming Soon!

I have my hands full with this blog, Etsy, eBay, the blog shop, publishing my books, promoting Brave Books, and YouTube.  However, my husband, who contributes his laser-cut items to my shops, is taking his side of the business to a whole new level.  He is working on a brick-and-mortar shop near our home where he will operate all of his laser machines.  He is hoping to add a new machine in the near future that will cut through thicker metals.  I look forward to adding more of his creations to our online shop spaces soon.

That brings us up to date with all that is happening at Abundant Family Living. If you are new here and would like to join us on this journey, subscribe to my newsletter so you'll stay updated when there is a new post, store item, or video.  

Now, go live life abundantly!


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Abundant Family Living Brand Update - May 2024
Abundant Family Living Brand Update - May 2024

Have you ordered my book yet?

Have you ordered my book yet?
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